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well yeah howards alias are way better but then again i haven't really listened to sonic boom 6 but if it is any consolation then i must admit my no comply c.d. is vastly growing on me !!!!! and kirk is this another way to advertise a gig.......

a bit. but they really are my favourite band right now.

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this is a review of their last ep

"I think any Punktastic reader who is not familiar with Sonic Boom Six has probably been living under a large rock for the last year or so. The Mancunians are one of those love/hate bands that everyone seemingly has an opinion on, with as many people branding them 'townies' as there are genuine lovers of the music. But with such a powerful mix of a variety of music styles, and a healthy dose of originality, SB6 have the kind of appeal that has quite rightly racked up column inches. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly just who SB6 sound like - the lazy journalist in me immediately looks in the direction of Asian Dub Foundation - except to say they mix elements of punk, hip-hop and even banghra and throw it into a Mancunian melting pot. What's served up is a refreshingly energetic blend of music which, on the basis of 'Sounds To Consume', will not go unnoticed nationally.

This 8-tracker, available for less than a fiver, is the 'Turbo' EP re-released with four brand new songs. I'm going to be exceedingly lazy and link to Ben's review of the old tracks, only because I couldn't put it any better.


The four new songs show development and a wish to mix and match their sound even more. It's inventive, continuing a trend of bands within a UK 'ska' scene (and yes I know Ad7, HA, NC et al are not exactly ska bands...) that continue to push at the boundaries of a genre personified by crazy Americans in chequered trousers. No-one quite sounds like SB6, as songs like 'The Rape of Punk To Come' and 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' show. The basslines are tightly-knit, weaving in and out of Laila's brash vocal style. As a frontgal she's the focus of the band in a live setting - and rightly so - mixing MC moments with a more traditional singing style. The fact that there are also two male vocals thrown into the mix adds depth and variety. If I was super critical I'd say that there are points when the vocal style doesn't suit and having a broad Mancunian accent over some amazing dub stylings sounds...weird. I'm not particularly criticising and suggesting a change of style, it's just different - and at times I don't think different is always best.

Lyrically SB6 focus on issues that many so-called 'punk' bands tend to avoid. 'Blood For Oil' is perhaps an obvious starting point here, and 'Safe European Home', albeit a cover, is perfectly placed. At times the rhymes do sound a bit forced mind, cringeworthy at times too in my opinion, and some of the lyrical comments I disagree with. Not all I hasten to add, and perhaps it's the journalist in me that finds a band ramming the 'the media are scum' card down your throat a little uncomfortable - particularly when said band are due to appear on the BBC (let's not forget the Dr Kelly scandal...ho hum) But personal grievances aside, SB6 are a band with plenty to say and whether you agree or not with some of their thoughts, they must be appluaded for trying to spread their message and not dressing head to toe in black, singing about how the girl next door broke their heart. In a faux-Yank accent, of course.

'Sounds To Consume' is a great record - it's fun, original and full of singalong parts. The live energy is pretty well represented on record too, so anyone who has seen the band on stage will be pleased to know Ace's production skills have captured that. It's great to see UK bands attempting to reinvigorate the UK music scene, and fair play to SB6 for being original. This is well worth checking out."

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Howard's Alias are way better like!

Back on topic, nice choice! 'Sounds To consume' has been in constant rotation in my CD player and mp3 machine recently. So so so refreshing, catchy and funky. The sax parts in Rape of Punk to Come and The Devil Made Me Do it are awesome!

A heady Molotov cocktail of ragga, hip-hop, bhangra, jungle, dub and reggae passed through a highly politicised hardcore punk blender. Just how it should be done!

Nice bunch of chaps (and Laila too, not forgetting the main woman herself) too. Their last show at Kef was mighty impressive. Really tight energetic performance. Looking forward to seeing them again at the Moorings and a few other Scottish dates too on this tour. :)


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