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Guest stuartmaxwell

this is double posted as we didnt know which one to put it in as there is a classified and a musicians forum?

as the title suggests we require a drummer to join us for beer, thrills, spills (not beer) and writing, gigging, jamming, fun.

we dont have a name yet

so far we have two bassists and a guitar player and we want to rip off such wonderful bands like pelican, maserati, explosions in the sky, etc

we have no material so far so the type of music may deviate slightly

Very little in the way of vocals, probably none. Just hypnotic music that drives and churns.

we do not intend on being a serious band who push musical boundaries and trying to be different from any record you have ever heard, we are simply guys having fun in a room with instruments and beer. a few of us have other bands that we are in too.

we are all pretty passionate about the music we love and require a like minded soul to join us. we are ages 22/23 etc

it would be cool if you were good at drumming too

drop a pm or summint

we may be looking for other members too (strings/guitar/keys) but only if we like you

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Guest stuartmaxwell
Maxi 22/23? I don't believe it for a second! Best of luck on your quest.

23 ill have you know

mental age of 15, wouldnt have it any other way

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