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Industrial/Electronica Recommendations please!


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First off, apologies if i have fucked up in my title, i might be very wrong in calling this kind of music industrial or electronica, i have my oblivious hat buckled on securely.

Right, Being a massive APC fan, i've been listening to the remix album that comes with the Amotive DVD pretty religeiously of late. Can anyone who knows about this corner of the musical spectrum help me out as im pretty keen to hear more along the lines of it, as it's not nearly as intense as the industrial vibey stuff i already have, its alot more laid back and just plain brilliant.


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from about 10 - 15 years ago :

ministry - mind is a terrible thing to taste

rev co - stainless steel providers

nin - downward spiral

skinny puppy - too dark park (amazing).

young gods - TV sky

front line assembly - mindphaser

my life with the thrill kill kult - epy

as for electronica, with a darker twinge...ahh...anything mick harris touches...ahh. ( http://www.mp3.com/mick-harris/artists/127966/summary.html )

and you can't go wrong with starting to look at the back cat of warp or R&S.

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they sound like something from a cracker....


I second Stu's reccomendation for Godflesh.

stay away fromt he Jesu EP, as it's ball shrinkingly shite (listen to that Synth Piano on track two, and not go "fuck me that's weak"...I don't think so).

but, the LP is amazing.

more up to date stuff...



filter (not so new).

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only heaven by the young gods is also a really good album, probably more accessible than tv sky. check out "kissing the sky" in particular, amazing.

does anyone listen to unjust? i got their album makeshift grey a couple of years back, only ever seemed to get into the first half of the album but i really loved that half.

also in the industrial vein, though more like industrial triphop rock, is rico from glasgow. first album sanctuary medicines is probably the best, followup violent silences is good but doesn't quite have the same darkness to it.

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All classic stuff but I'd like to add some Front 242 to the list. Favs being Front by Front and Tyranny For You...in fact all their albums are classic.

Skinny Puppys Last Rites album is the bizz too.

Canny recommend Sielfwolf's Nachstrom album enough it's pounding! Mick Harris done a remix album with them which wasn't too shabby either.

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Was never a huge fan of the cabs but TG different story. Reckon you'd like the Richard H Kirk solo stuff.

Bought a live DVD of 242 recently, quite funny to see the auld geezers jumping around to the beefed up rave versions. Still canny whack Masterhit 12.

Do you like Clock DVA?

Nobody has mentioned Nitzer Ebb yet legends think there is a collected CD set coming out on Mute.

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