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Best Scottish/Aberdonian Word?


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Pish has always been a favourite as in "dinnae talk pish" or "that's just pish" - it just sounds sooo dismissive when said in a Scottish accent - something about those long sybllant s's. Radge was up there too but I see someone beat me to it.

Hmm, what else...

mawkit or clarty = dirty

boak (as in, "he gies me the boak) = to make one feel ill

shite = shit

chahoorsir (literally, you whore sir) = expression of disbelief or surprise (see also chahooryacuntye) common in Fife.

Gadge = a fellow (also gadgie)

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and my fav is reducing "excuse me' date=' what are you doing? could you please hurry up? oh fuck it, im leaving" to three words.....by simply saying......."deein? 'mon! am'awa!!"[/quote']

Haha ace.

Douf, doufer, guipe, crabbit, sotter, boorach.

"Awa bile yer heid min."

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