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werewolf corps/junk tape compilation!

steve corps

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the upbeat, thumping werewolf corps track 'tomb' has found its way onto this very odd compilation put together by the extremely cool miles morris.


first junk tape (...#1) of found sound and artist submitted works will be

ready for consumption mid-late march.

...#1 consists of:

lifted answering machine tapes, finnish beer psych, faith healing, shopping mall karaoke,

israeli prog, screamin', cryin', lovin', etc...

the following...a select listing of artists who very graciously submitted their work:

salo (s. florida) - one man bedroom doom, gold chains, pills...

hjarljuchte (germany) - mounting loops overlap to create beautiful slight

melody...forest presence.

seven arts - cute karaoke for monsters...

deprong mori - first transmission of cold droning static...

hum of the druid (olywa)- purgatorial drone influenced exclusively by

natural landscapes and french black metal.

price of cass. is $3.00 which will cover price of one cassette and shipping.

(all releases come packaged in handmade baggies w/ 1" pin featuring veritable logo face affixed.)

paypal to thepalmdavid@hotmail.com


e-mail above address for money order options.

check back soon for release updates...


worth it for hum of the druid alone folks.

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