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Through the Looking Glass..


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Last Thursday I went along to my old haunt here in Melbourne, Goo @ The Metro. It's essentially Bond*age but down under with crap DJ's. But fuck me right up the ass with a big hot poker if I didn't see the exact doubles of several of our beloved regulars there. no shit, spitting images of American Nikki, Rahlina, Jimmy Lucifer, Candyfloss, Matt of Ward 13 fame, Hardcore Mel, Davey Boy, Johnny Mac and more. Then, as I staggered to the train station at 7am, spank me senseless if I didn't see the EXACT double of Big Daz, engaged in 'conversation' with some of Melbourne's finest constables. I had to suppress a small cheeky chuckle at that one. And to top it off, out comes a great likeness of our beloved Ross Morrison from JB Hi-Fi with a masive bag of CD's. Amazing.

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