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thurs 5th feb - wanted at dr drakes........

Dizzy Storm

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it was directed at you. yup.

so is this, in case there's any confusion.

how old are you guys? are you any good? do you know anyone in aberdeen? would anyone come to see you?

which primary school did you go to? (this may have some bearing since fudge are from inverurie too, and may still hold ancient alligences...)

we could fit you on the bill, but you'd probably be on quite early... if you're up for it... ? can you definately do it? have you spoken to the rest of your band?

so many questions

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Well... we are fucking brilliant!! I didn't go to Inverurie, I went to Kemnay, and traditionally inverurie ppl hate kemany ppl so lets just say i come from the, countryside! The other two i think market place and strathburn. Ah fuck! i just realised something, its on the 5th and myself and the bassist have maths prelims on the 6th at 8.30 in the morning. sry bout that :/ any chance of future gigs? we do all gigs! (cept thurs 5th ;)

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no problem, just keep an eye on the messageboard.

so that's...

REAP - 11ish

NEW FAITH - 10ish


thursday 5th feb, dr drakes, doors at 8pm.

soundchecks 6-8 (reap first, NP last)(in an ideal world)

reap - you guys use a massive kit, don't you? would you like to take that for the backline, or are you happy with the drakes kit?

and how many guitar amps will everyone need?


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we're taking our own amps, a 150w marshall guitar amp and a 120w laney bass amp.

everyones describing themselves...we play rock n roll, in a slightly twisted mould of ac/dc, zeppelin, the who and most other bands from the 70s n 80s of that kind....twisted, i mean, as its done with a female singer. go to www.hubl.co.uk and download our song, to see what we're like, its called You or Them.



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