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Caribou (formerly MANITOBA) + Kasule - The Tunnels Satuday 23rd April 05


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interesting music promotions are again very excited about the very 1st vistit to Aberdeen of a prime mover in the electronic/visual/percussive field, whose live shows are utterly breathtaking, featuring:-

Caribou (formerly Manitoba, Leaf Label)


DJ tbc

Saturday 23rd April 05

The Tunnels

Carnegies Brae

Doors 8.00pm

Tickets 8

Available in advance @ The Cavern, Belmont Street & The Tunnels Record Shop

Come-early Kasule on 8.30pm

Caribou (formerly MANITOBA) Leaf Label

Dan Snaith has been hard at work on an artistic response, which has turned out to be a doozy in the form of his third album, The Milk Of Human Kindness. Building upon the artistic foundation of Up In Flames, Snaith has shed some of the kaleidoscopic haze in favor of crisper, clearer vibe. Moving to the fore is a distinct influence from the likes of NEU!, SILVER APPLES and SOFT MACHINE (names not thrown lightly around here). With the advent of such an artistic statement as The Milk Of Human Kindness, 2005 has all the makings of a very special year for CARIBOU. The new album will be preceded by the release of a three-track single for Yeti. Those lucky enough to have caught Dan and his band of furry pranksters on tour with the likes of PREFUSE 73, FOUR TET, BROADCAST and STEREOLAB over the last two years know what a treat the live experience is and will be pleased by the news that after a short British tour, Caribou are scheduled to start a six week tour of North America around the 27th of April with even more to follow later in the year.



Are from Albion Rovers country. Their sound is diverse, melodic & challenging & fits the mood. To generalise their sound can be best related to Joy Division big chords; Ulrich Schnauss, Slowdive, e-bow guitars; slow-faster-harder-louder type Spaceman 3, Mogwai; however this is only reference points to their unique sound. Their 1st LP Demonstaration, contains many moments of utter sublimeness. Their follow-up Vhor consolidates their position as the best unsigned Scottish band by the proverbial mile. Kasule wrote the soundtrack for an award winning film Black Coffee, which was voted most popular feature film @ The Australian AUSFEST 2002. Kasule's performance @ Shift last October was just awe-inspiring & those that havn't heard this fantastic band before will be gobsmacked. A real hidden Scottish treasure that deserves a wider audience & a record deal.


What a double bill, we spoil you...........

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Do you think there will still be tickets left on the night? Or should I scrape some pennies together and buy one in advance?

An honest answer, I think if you can, you should try to buy a ticket upto next Saturday. It will save you getting caught up in queues. We know there is going to be a large walk-up on the night.

ps On no account miss Kasule who will go on sharp 8.30pm, they are magnificent

live (& i have been assured they have something special up their sleeve).

ps we are also selling tickets for this, next wednesday @ 65daysofstic (& they should not be missed)

interesting music continue to spoil Aberdonians with an eclectic music programme

that proves that diversity can suffice.....

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I shall try to rush down and grab one next week then. Sounds ace! Can't wait.

here's what the great electronic on line web milk factory review said

Milk Factory On Line Review 4.8/5


The Milk Of Human Kindness

When he presented his second album, Up In Flames, two years ago, it was all change on Dan Snaiths musical front. Nothing was left of the luscious laidback electronica of Start Breaking With My Heart. Instead, Snaith adopted psychedelic soundscapes and borrowed from seventies rock to explore new grounds. This time round, it is a change of name that signifies the returns of Snaith more than a change of direction. Gone is Manitoba, no thanks to a semi-obscure punkster in dire need of attention; in is Caribou, another reference to Snaiths Canadian roots. Following his last album, Snaith turned his solo project into a trio comprising two drummers and took to the roads for an extensive tour of Europe and the US, performing with long-term friend Four Tet as well as Stereolab, Broadcast and Prefuse 73 to name but a few. Kicking off pretty much where Up In Flames left off, The Milk Of Human Kindness continues to explore chemical-enhanced soundscapes rooted in early seventies psychedelia. Yet, where its predecessor sometimes appeared a tad shambolic, this new album shows a more focused and determined approach, as if the lawsuit hanging over Snaith had pushed him to throw all his creative energy into this project. From the opening bars of Yeti, there is like a warm insolent breeze furiously running throughout Snaiths music, right until the very last seconds of Barnowl; a wind of euphoric joy translated into stunning vocal harmonies, dense arrangements and luscious melodies. Alternating between short-but-perfectly formed interludes (Subotnick, Lord Leopard, Hands First, Drumheller), complex instrumentals and fully develop pop songs, Snaith takes inspiration in anything from the Beach Boys to Hawkwind via nods at the Beatles circa Sergeant Pepper, Mercury Rev and The Incredible String Band. At times remaining composed (Bees, Hello Hammerheads), he lets lose at others and deals moments of pure pleasure all the way through. Although The Milk Of Human Kindness is undeniably rooted into seventies psychedelic rock, it is also a very modern record, proud of its electronic identity. Only, Snaiths ability to craft incredibly dense and organic soundscapes gives this album impressive depth, only underlined by his vocal contributions, on no less than five tracks, going for the layered Yeti to the stripped down Hello Hammerheads, on which he appears almost vulnerable amongst delicate acoustic guitars. Far from being discouraged by the events of the past few months, Dan Snaith appears more determined and focused than ever and establishes his new identity as Caribou with aplomb. Not only The Milk Of Human Kindness successfully expands on its predecessor, but it also establishes new grounds for Caribou to explore.

By far Snaiths most exhilarating release to date.

and don't forget his live shows take no prisoners, they are fantastic & the visuals

are to be seen to be believed............

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spin magazine review

Caribou, formerly Manitoba, ne Dan Snaith, has gone through about as many monikers as he has styles of music. The Canadian-born, London-based producer has hop-scotched through pastoral IDM (or bucolica) to 70s psych-pop and now, on his third and most mature album, The Milk of Human Kindness, a mix of both, and then some. Bees plays like a Sea Change-era Beck meets Chad and Jeremy, while the single, Yeti, is a zingy chamber-pop-Hari Krishna mash-up. Kindness is a lovely record, deftly combining the organic with the electronic, brilliant vocal harmonies and complex arrangements showing influences as disparate as Lightening Bolt, the Animal Collective, and the Beach Boys.

Snaith was forced to change his stage name from Manitoba to Caribou when former Dictators frontman Handsome Dick Manitoba threatened to sue over trademark infringement. (We hope the Arctic creature doesnt get any wild ideasthey can weigh up to 600 pounds!) Snaith and his band mates (armed with laptop, guitar, keyboards, and glockenspiel) have toured with the likes of Stereolab, Prefuse 73, Broadcast and Four Tetwhile wearing bear masks. Snaith also holds a PhD in mathematics, which would probably make him the coolest math prof to ever set off a dancefloor.

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