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favourite other messageboards?


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I'm suddenly hooked to the KT Tunstall boards - everyone is so happy and cheery and noone tends to have a bad word to say to each other at all. Accept when Dido or Anastasia fans come pokin' their pesky noises about...

thats like the American hi fi boards, everyone is so nice its actually anoying

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Dont think they hate you' date=' just think your going out with bASSMONKEY :help:

Im over there too though

cant be assef thinking of all the forums i visit regularly[/quote']

haha, except i'm not.

yeah, i noticed you posted on there too (y)

forgot to mention the mtv2 boards. i used to post on socksandphones but it got bitchy and it was full of twelve year-old matt bellamy obsessives so i left.

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I'm sad, Just here and the Tomb Raider boards, which is full of kids bar one or two sensible folk, and a Games Industry insider, who gives us sad bastards the inside scoop on the ever illusive TR7 (please god... just a screenshot... it's all i ask!!!).


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