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Fantastic free mini music and art fest reminder ye buggers!

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Live music, film, and art in the city centre on Easter Saturday

Shift 2 is stepping up a gear, with seven bands now lined up to play at the event in Aberdeens Castlegate on Saturday 26 March when a wide range of moving images will be shown between each performance.

The visuals on a big screen will include animation, experimental, documentary and drama, with screenings by filmmakers, local artists, community groups, students and youngsters.

A variety of animated works by Studio AKA in London will be showcased. Including the multi-award-winning Jo Jo in the Stars, directed by Marc Craste, the beautifully-imaged short films are regarded as masterpieces.

Following the success of the first Shift in October, the number of bands has been increased to extend the live entertainment which will again be staged in a specially erected marquee, with free admission. Providing music for various tastes between 2pm and 9pm, the bands are:

The Kitchen Cynics - quirky and unique local singer songwriter with an exceptional pedigree (2pm-2.30pm).

The Nucleotides - instrumental surf rock band in the vein of Dick Dale (3pm-3.30pm).

Salon Boris - think of the dirtiest, catchiest, electro pop you can dance to! (4pm-4.30pm ).

The Marcia Blaine School for Girls - a slightly peculiar and melancholy, mysterious electronica outfit. (5pm-5.30pm).

Drat - beautiful lo-fi indie rock, with melodic guitar lines and delicate vocals (6pm-6.30pm).

Sound Development Agency - deranged funk that will bring you back to earth with a bump! (7pm-7.30pm).

65daysofstatic - A soundtrack to a new dimension, where rock, dance and electronica are equals. (8.15pm-9pm).

Shift is organised by the Wider Castlegate Group as part of a programme to increase the use of the Castlegate for events and to raise the areas profile. The Group represents businesses, organisations and the local community, with La Lombarda Restaurant, Peacock Visual Arts and alternative music and arts promoters, Drakes Productions, among those involved.

Shift is supported by Aberdeen City Centre Partnership and Aberdeen City Council, with funding from the Scottish Executives City Growth Fund as part of the Energising Aberdeen initiative.

AND THERE'S A BAR (not free though)

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Guest stuartmaxwell

looking forward to this one. a wonderful line up and lots to do and see :)

my only prob is that it lasts all day and i could be a bit sozzled by the end of it

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I'm not going if there's no soup.

I'm creating a conceptual installation based around hypothetical soup! It's all about how things that prepare at different times live together and become one through a combined yet subconscious understanding of an existence based on duration and not a marked passage of time... Will that do?

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