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ace game

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Warning! This thread contains spoilers! Look away if you don't want to be told how to beat this game!!

To beat the game:

1. Open all the windows and turn the arrow to point right

2. Open the hatch and let one guy out.

3. Let him blow the bridge down so you can walk on it.

4. Use the second stone projectile to ring the bell. As the bell is being struck, click on the two sided arrow (the one beside the bell) to stop stone blocking it. This will open the door at the bottom left fhand corner.

5. Fire the two grenade projectiles at the bridge, as they are about to hit the bridge click on the bridge to knock them up into the air and explode harmlessly.

6. Fire the blue chip at the bridge so that the guy can lift the barrier.

7.Click on the guy operating the cannon to load him into it, and let another guy out to fire him at the bell (make sure the arroe is pointing to the left)

8. Click on the guy beside the bell, and he will push the bell to the right.

9. Click the double sided arrow so that it points to the right. There should be the stone from earlier on the left side of the arrow.

10. Click on the arrow a few times to make it fall on the arrow, and destroy the landmine.

11. Click on the door to the bottom left, and just as the guy enters the doorway click on the guy at the bottom.

12. The stone pillar will fall on the dog thing, killing it and making the way clear for your guy.

Hope this has helped! I think is is about right. Any problems, feel free to PM me.As before, some scene points would be nice. I am new to this forum and want to build up a bit of reputation! Thanks!

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Fucking hell that took me ages!!

Wish i had looked back to the post again because.....firstly when i was firing the rock at the tower i was timing it to hit the arrow and knock it onto the bomb...which i only got right about 1 out of 6 attempts!!! then i read after doing that you can just do that later with the bell!! damn it.....and secondly.....it took me fucking ages to work out how to kill that dog!!!

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