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Point of Origin

Guest Bob

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Due to the fact that we're receiving requests for Point of Origin material every week, without fail, from as far as Torry to Texas and given the fact that Milner and I have both reached around 300 contacts each on MSN just sending people these mp3s... well, we've decided to put them back online.

Anyway, any Point of Origin track worth (or not) having is now available on Stayover's purevolume account.


Download them while you can because we're not keeping them up forever... and after we take them down you'll just have to take your chances on WinMx.


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What actually happened with you guys and the lead singer? Do you still talk to him?

He wanted to do Lost, we wanted to do Stayover. Simple really.

And I don't see Ryan as regularly as I did when we were playing in the same band but we still have the same circle of friends and talk regularly. Dan meanwhile, plays in both bands.

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