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looks to me like dr drakes will be the venue for the FUDGE LOVE BASH on valentinesday

Dizzy Storm

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Originally posted by DR DRAKE:

we'll need three decent bands determined to give us some lovin'... think you'd fit the bill?

then post here.

dr drakes, sat 14th feb, three bands at a fudge gig... ok?

the stacatto set might be good for some lovin' :) i'll ask. ziggy's got a nice little squeezebox, and phil's got a lovely horn.

My saxophone is leaking air, bugger!

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I don't think my high pitch squeeling would go down too well... as far as, "lovin" goes at least.

We're playing Drakes the week before anyways... so... meh too close together. And Glasgow on the 19th... eeek!

Stacatto set would be swanky... Switchblades would be... interesting... glam lovin' I suppose :p

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