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New Meshugah - Catch 33


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Really good new release, well worth checking out

Its like one whole continuous track from start to finish

As previously reported, "Catch 33", is scheduled for release on May 16 in Europe and May 31 in the U.S. via Nuclear Blast Records. The follow-up to 2002's "Nothing" is being described as one continuous 47-minute song divided into 13 parts and is said to be "musically the opposite" of the group's 2004 EP, "I".


01 autonomy lost 01:40

02 imprint of the un-saved 01:35

03 disenchantment 01:43

04 the paradoxial spiral 03:11

05 re-inanimate 01:04

06 entrapment 02:28

07 minds mirrors 04:29

08 in death - is life 02:01

09 in death - is death 13:21

10 shed 03:34

11 personae non gratae 01:47

12 dehumanization 02:55

13 sum 07:17

TOTALS: 47:05 min

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