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Friday Night Band Residencies and Live Recording


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We're currently offering bands month long residencies playing three Friday's out of four - 3 shows in the space of a month. The idea is that we put one band on for a set between 9pm and 10pm during our regular Friday night experience.

There's plenty of time for setup and removal of kit as there's only one band playing, and gear can be errected well in advance, and removed after closing time or even this next day. This means that the sets can be up to an hour long.

The idea behind this is that it gets the band exposure to a broader audience in a short space of time. We run 4 different Friday events and the 3 that incorporate a resident band appeal to different audiences. This should assist bands to enhance their following.

In addition it gives a band more scope to work on a live recording. Commercial acts releasing live albums tend to record them over several shows and picks the best tracks later. The residency provides an opportunity to do this same.

Some bands may choose to play the same set each time, others might want to showcase potential new material, or trawl through their old stuff, or perhaps even throw in a few covers.

We're strictly interested in the more experienced bands for this as the Friday punters are a discerning bunch and, like everyonee heading down the docks, they want to be entertained by semi-professionals.

If anyone is interested then please contact either The Good For Nothing? Collective or AUBL. DO NOT CONTACT ME DIRECT - DOH!

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