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Fudge Nominations


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1. best band - open cat.

2. worst band - open cat.

3. best newcomer: dedalus, element 106, king liar and the brutes, my minds weapon, orwell

4. best live act : black atom, deadloss superstar, masamune, the needles, the x-certs

5. best fudgenight performance : the 44's in oct'03, alyssa's wish first gig at the fudgeawards '03, electric eel shock in aug'03, my decaying leg final show sep '03, the x-certs dec '02 xmas ball

6. best rock act : alyssas wish, deadloss superstar, eric euan, mapkle, turning 13

7. best punk act : 10 easy wishes, contra, point of origin, quik, the x-certs

8. best heavy metal act : black atom, element 106, hot mangu, loaded, reap

9. best extreme act : bodies, bonesaw, karloff, sidca, spike pile driver

more to come when i get a chance......

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which may be around...... NOW!

10. best of the rest award for acts we can't label so easily : bench, dedalus, hookers green #1, le reno amps, the staccattto sett

11. best international act (outta towners to you) : the 44's, fickle public, mercury tilt switch, small enclosed area, we become less

12. the posthumous blackslap award for most missed : dos dedos, flight 19, my decaying leg, psycho a-go-go, subsistence

13. best clubnight : air guitar, bond*age, elizium, jungle nation, obience school

14. best release : black atom (into the silence), deadloss superstar (are you ready to die for...), eric euan (demo '03), the stacattatcato set (debut gun ep), the x-certs (into the silence i think it's called. dunno, don't have it yet)

15. best venue : cafe drummond, dr drakes, kef, the lemon tree, moshulu

and the who'd you like to fight and shag categories are open ones. righteous indeed.

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