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Dream Theater's "OCTAVARIUM" out on June 7th, 2005


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"For Immediate Release:

Dream Theater have completed work on their 8th full length studio album entitled "OCTAVARIUM" which is tentatively set for release through Atlantic Records on June 7th, 2005.

The track listing is as follows:

1. The Root Of All Evil

2. The Answer Lies Within

3. These Walls

4. I Walk Beside You

5. Panic Attack

6. Never Enough

7. Sacrificed Sons

8. Octavarium

Dream Theater's 2005/2006 World Tour will kick off on June 10th in Sweden with a leg of European Festivals and select headlining shows which will then be followed by a North American leg throughout July/August as part of a "package" tour with several other bands TBA very soon....."

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a surprise set at download could of been cool actually, ala metallica 2 years ago.

Glad to hear about the album, could be cool, Train of thought wasnt up to much on thier scale of things, tho thoroughly enjoyable all the same. Muchos looking forward to this one...

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that's an awful cover' date=' looks like someone has made it on Paintshop.[/quote']

they have actually re-done some of it, like made the strings better and changed some little bits that were slightly off. Overall i like the cover, not very dream theater-ish though, i agree with the spocks beard comment.

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