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I have booked a Rickshaw, oh Krishna, the Doghouse on Wednesday.


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No, not actually a piss take. Just to say, well done to MMW for having the balls for putting a bus on for their Glasgow gig.

Anyway, this thread? A question, what has your band done in the past to get a crowd at your gig? Any quirky or unique promotion? I suppose this may be a question for band managers etc

Last year Element had a guy from Virgin records check us out. He said he would return in a few weeks so we recorded an EP just for him. :rockon:

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FeSTR ran a 52seater and a minibus (both full) as well as 5 carloads down to perth from laurencekirk when we were in a battle of the bands competition. there were only about 5 people there old enough to drink or get into the venue but i'd bought all the tickets in advance and the guys let them in. we did this 3 times in the same competition (minibus, then 52seater, then combination) and came 4th overall!

every time there were people passed out in the street, sick all over the venue etc. and the last time, we drove off with a streetfight in progress behind us! in the semi-final, we recorded more points than any other band had ever received in the competition due to having so many people with us and playing a kick ass set. that night we had a guy dressed as a lion, another as a bear, 2 dancers in hotpants, bikinis and cowboy hats and the band themeselves were all in suits, except me who was topless, wearing a bright orange bolier suit tied round the waist, and with a hockey mask on! there wasn't even a reason for my ridiculous outfit. seems strange looking back!

those were the days!



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We took a 30-something seater to play King Tuts last year, which in addition to a healthy number of people living in the weej saw us sell about 5 less tickets than the Glasgow band that ended up on last, Latonic. With about 60 odd in for us it did seem to help the locals to get into it more.

We played a beach party at Kinneff last year at 7.30am, absolutely fukd, its a very surreal sight to see about 50 people dancing in front of a small tent, more of a gazebo, with the sun rising over the sea, and loads more people scattered around the beach.

My previous band (electrofunksters Optoplan) played the inaugaral Kia-Aura boat party on Loch Lomond- a legendary outing that was.

The secret seems to be the messier an event, the more entertaining it is! no surprise there.

Oh and a warehouse party in glasgow last summer, I think our non-traditional 'other' events are due to most of us being VERY rooted in club culture, for the last 9, 10 years in my case

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