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A Clockwork Orange


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Red rag ta a bull this...

I absolute hate this film. Clockwork Orange is probably the greatest book I've ever read and this film botches it so badly that if anyone but Krubrick had made it it would have been laughed out of all credibility. It has a superb performance by Malc but he's only being asked to spend the whole film played the same character he played in the last third of "If".

The film misses out the last chapter therefore completely losing any point to the story. Violence is an ugly, clumsy thing: the violence in this is slick, choreographed, cartoon like, and also terribly shot. (Even most of the sound effects are out of sync!)

Blimey he even misses out the reference to the title!

And why does it all look like an episode of Blake's 7? The future won't look like that seeing as people are still living in tudor houses now. Burgess believed that the future the book predicted had already been and gone by the time the film was made anyway.

The stage version with Phil Daniels was a billion times better.

Kubrick may have done 178 takes of every shot but he made some right toss.

Sorry, rant over, but that book is so good it deserved better than this pile of pretentious toss. It wasn't even banned as people seem to think, so there is nothing cool about it at all. Straw Dogs, now THERE'S a film...

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