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65DAYSOFSTATIC play free music/film/art event in Aberdeen 26th March!!!

Dizzy Storm

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for those of you who are not aware, there's a great music and visual art event happening on the Castlegate, Aberdeen on sat march 26th (thats a week on sat!!) AND ITS FREE!!!

SHIFT brought to you by Aberdeen City Centre Partnership, Drakes Productions, Peacock Visual Arts & Interesting Music Promotions.....

here's the details...

65daysofstatic 8.15pm-9pm


With loads of airplay by Peel, Lamacq and even Zane Lowe their debut album 'The Fall Of Math' is also getting excellent reviews in ORGAN, Kerrang! The Wire, Rock Sound, and a host of other mags. They have been described as Squarepusher meets Mogwai, or the Aphex Twin with guitar, but that doesn't do their innovative (some say revolutionary) sound full justice. Thier live shows are viciously euphoric, frenetic, overwhelming, bordering on chaos and really, really loud!

'A soundtrack to a new dimension.....'


Sound Development Agency 7pm-7.30pm

SDA bring their filthy, hardcore Manchester funk to the night. it's all deeply funky, with groovy, shake-yer-money-maker bass and guitar lines and utterly unintelligible but soulful and fuck-it-the-man's-clearly-off-on-one vocals!

'deranged funk that will bring you back to earth with a bump... '


DRAT 6pm-6.30pm

Drats songs are hard to forget, staying with you when youre walking down the street, and particularly when youre trying to get to sleep at night. Simple melodic guitar lines, looped by lo-fi gems and delicate vocals, laced with dirty keyboards and sharp lyrics, comprising a mellow undercurrent as well as having teeth: not unlike a crocodile on morphine...



Their sound has been described as slightly peculiar and melancholy, and their tracks can vary from dark beats to experimental soundscapes, light atmospherics and to more melodic numbers.


SALON BORIS 4pm-4.30pm

think of a dirty sleazier human league for this decade, think of Mark E Smith from the Fall, think of the fattest driven analogue bass this side of New Order, think of the dirtiest, catchiest, electro pop you can dance to..



instrumental surf rock band in the vein of Dick Dale....accompanied by the Disembodied Living Brain of Doctor Donovan, an actual brain that resides in an oxygenated tank on stage and who, it is rumored, communicates telepathically with audience members...!



the man, the legend....quirky and unique local singer songwriter with an exceptional pedigree...scotlands greatest exponent of great-auntie folk!

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I thought it was weird that this band were promoted as a 'Post Rock' band...and they aren't actually post rock at all...

What are they if they're not post rock' date=' and why aren't they? I don't understand these things.

Still nae bad though...might as well pop along as it is a freebie...

Typical Aiberdonian!

This man has 5 scene points. I don't understand these things either but I'm impressed or should I not be?

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Guest stuartmaxwell

its weird i was having the same discussion with drummer from my band

i thought they were emo -ey with electronic bits

kinda like stapleton (the dancy electronic version)

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  • 2 weeks later...

and here's some info on the films etc... :D

A BAFTA award-winning film will feature alongside productions by young film-makers, an acclaimed Scottish skateboarding film, and a modern treatment of archive footage from Aberdeen Maritime Museum at the city's Shift 2 event in the Castlegate this weekend.

There will be live music between the series of animation, experimental, documentary and drama films at the free-entry event from 2pm to 9pm on Saturday.

Productions by young local film-makers include Search Engine directed by Hannah Macleod, and The Life and Death of Samuel Johnson, directed by Louise Forbes. These films were the culmination of an intensive experimental workshop for young people at Peacock Visual Arts.

London-based Studio AKA, who won a Bafta, will come with a collection of short works while film-maker Monika Dutta will present a piece which looks at the treatment of archive footage on the fishing industry from the Maritime Museum, and a live sonic interpretation by sound artists, Pavlov.

The Shift 2 programme includes around a dozen films.

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