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**POWDERMONKEY** Live Tonight At Drummonds!


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Hey, for what its worth, the band I play bass for (POWDERMONKEY) are playing Drummonds tonight. Its a battle of the bands thing, but don't let that put you off, we just want to play a good 'un! We played a great set at moorings last night (even if I do say so myself!) which was described by punters as a cross between The strokes, Stereophonics and fucking Hendrix...make what you will of that...we have a sample mp3 but its the weakest song of the set....I'll link it here anyway. Anyone interestetd show up at , err PM and expect to pay uhm pounds.....should be good



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Haha!! Cheers mate! :cheers:

The last band seemed to bring along the majority of the crowd who were ages with themselves, so that would explain the influx of jailbait, I mean underagers ;)

Don't ask me why I launched the bass into the crowd, had to do something to set us apart, and as you've pointed out, my dancing wasn't going to do it :D Mind you, just like the bundle of 20 notes we stuffed in the judges pockets, it paid off!!!!

very surprised we won, especially as we never brought a crowd at all (we've only been around a month or so) but as soon as Johnny announced "You're all gonna hate this..." I knew we had it :D hehe

These cuts and bruises better be worth it....

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We're playing Drummonds again THIS SATURDAY....then whenever the next leg of the battle of the bands happens we'll no doubt be playing then ;) plus playing the tunnels on the 31st....gonna try and make a live recording at a rehearsal so we have some better mp3's to let everyone hear....

I lost a scene point for this thread, shame!

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