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Advice? - I'm going to put Seymour-duncan pickups....

Dan G

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...into my jackson. Its about a 300 guitar with 'duncan designed' pick-ups (ie the not-so-good-sort of seymour duncan ones)

However I was going to get a SH-4 in the bridge and a SH-2 Jazz in the neck position.

Is this a good idea?

Bear in mind I like to play rock/metal/shred...

Any advice is appreciated. Cheers.

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There's no sound sample for the Dimebucker, but apparently it's awesome.

In R+B they had, and think they still have, the Bill Lawrence L500, the pickup Dimebag used up until they made the Dimebucker.

Only 50 quid, so almost half the Dimebucker price. Could be worth a pop...

Scott Ian's custom "Diablo" model is based on the George Lynch Screamin' Demon, but over wound and with rails instead of polepieces.

Diablo's only available as part of a Scott Ian sig guitar, but the screamin demon might be good.

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Its a jackson DX10D, all black, with sharkfin fret inlays.

Soon to be fitted with an EMG 81 in the bridge and an 85 in the neck.

Also being set-up with Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky's and I'm having the floyd rose bridge blocked so it will act like a fixed bridge. (Changing tunings is a nightmare with floyd Rose bridges!)

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Guest operator zero

yeah - one of the main reasons i never went for a floyd rose was because of that:I change my tunings so often it's not funny - if you want to detune one you have to add extra springs and stuff and to be honest i couldn't be arsed.

but i'm still considering getting one and just leaving it in Drop C (CGCFAD)

or maybe a nice schecter?hmm

but that's after I've built a new comp and bought a new bass :S so this could be quite a while down the road...

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