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What Cd's have you been buying recently?

Paranoid Android

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Ryan, is that yr first copy of OK Computer?

No, I think it's my third! I bought it in 1996 when it came out, and I lost it somewhere. So I bought it again, and I played that copy so much that got all scratched and wouldn't play anymore. Then I got my mate to give me his MP3 of it on a pen drive, but it was missing one track, which of course ruined the album (especially since it was Exit Music For A Film). Then I saw it in Asda last week for 4 so I bought it again.

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Picked these up over the past couple of weeks -

The Fauns - self titled

Karate - self titled

De Rosa - Mend

Neu! - Neu! 75

The Unwinding Hours - self titled (pre ordered. Can't wait for this)

Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Los Campesinos - Romance is Boring

Elliot - False Cathedrals

Japandroids - Post Nothing

Arab Strap - The Week Never Starts Round Here

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Self titled

That Karate album arrived in the post today and I'm really enjoying it. Has a bit of a Fugazi feel.

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