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What Cd's have you been buying recently?

Paranoid Android

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its sounding pretty neat, its quite experimental and dancey in places but on first impression its better than 'a weekend in the city' which i never really took to. if your a fan i'd deffo recommend it, its not selling too well mind is dropping out the album charts like a stone in water after just 2 weeks but its done pretty well in the states.

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On my emusic 'saved for later' folder:

The new God is an Astronot album

Population by The Most Serene Republic

The F*ck Buttons albums

Alligator by The National

Burn and Shiver by Azure Ray

Azure Ray by Azure Ray

So Much For The Ten Year Plan by Therapy?

and finally got round to buying April by Sun Kil Moon from Itooones, in additon to Tuesday's gone by Lynyrd Sknyrd

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My EMusic 200 tracks for 39.99 started up again this morning, so i've downloaded albums by...

  • Giants
  • Alamos
  • Six Parts Seven
  • Lights Out Asia
  • Efterklang
  • Therapy?
  • Azure Ray
  • Hammock
  • God is an Astronaut
  • Fuck Buttons
  • Joy Wants Eternity
  • Immanu El
  • Calamateur
  • Mountains
  • The Most Serene Republic
  • Sweek
  • The Mercury Program

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree

This is a bit out of date, but I bought the Eddison album recently. Some really good tunes on there :up:

The Fat Hippy Sampler Volume 3 is full of excellent songs also. :up:

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