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current song you hate.....


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mine has to be that appalling peice of total tosh by gwen stefani 'rich girl'

not only does it have the cheek to nick bits from a song from that classic musical 'fiddler on the roof' it also has one of the most patronising lyrics i've ever heard....

'if i was a rich girl' erm stefani you are very rich indeed and your not a girl but a fully grown 35 year old woman.....

makes me blood boil! :swearing:

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I hate...just about everything released these days. Special mention must go to 50 Cent and his preposterous career as a mumbling pseudo-rapper' date=' however. He personifies everything that is wrong with modern hip-hop/R+B/whatever they're calling it this week.

Actually, don't get me started...I could go on all night about the absolute cack being forcefed to us by mainstream media outlets.[/quote']

sorry dave as one of those bastards who works for such an outlet i feel really bad now.....

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another wanker who gets right up me bugle is nelly - i mean how can you take someone seriously who is named after an elephant? usher too could do wit slapping

and i wanna know why will smith was allowed back into a recording studio!

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that fucking song about the big black horse and a cherry tree or something

the one that goes "nooooh' date=' nooooaaaaah! NOOOOOOOOOAAAH, no-no-no" and is sung by a woman who is need of some decongestant and a sound thrashing[/quote']

that's black horse and the cherry tree by KT tunstall! it's a great tune and the album is worth a look too! live at the QMU, 25th of may. :D

oh, sorry, you thought it was shit

my bad



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