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5 things that must have legs because they mysteriously seem to disappear....


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backs/battery covers of remote controls and so on and guitar plectrums...

What about keys Paul?

On the plectrum side of things a friend of mine came up with a new theory called PSP. PSP, or Pick Saturation Point to give it its full title, is the result of loosing many plectrums. Basically what happens is after a certain length of time you have lost so many plectrums that you can go anywhere in your home and find one. For example stick your hand down the back of the sofa and find a couple of picks...go into the bathroom...a cupboard...your bed...anywhere and there will be a pick within 5meters or so. For best effect more than one guitarist should share the dwelling. I do believe there is an equation relating number of guitarists, sqaure meter area of home and distance between plectrums.

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