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Wales for Grandslam?


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Oh Scotland... what were you doing??? 1st half of the match was abysmal! Anyone see - I think it was Rhys Williams - be able to take the ball and run the entire length of the pitch to score a try because everyone was still on the bloody floor at the Welsh end of the pitch?? That was just embarrassing...

2nd half was good though, but there wasn't much coming back I guess...

Certainly looks like Wales is gonna get the grand slam though.

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The first half was shocking, from a Scottish point of view. Particularly the defence...

But I have to say the Scots attitude in the 2nd half was fantastic... If only they found that in themselves in the first it would have been a different game. But there you go.

The welsh are high on confidence just now, and they play like that. I would say they are up for the grand slam for sure...

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Aye the match was certainly turned around in the 2nd half, but really was too little too late..

Good luck to the welsh though, they deserve it. Some fine tackles in that game. And the welsh fans are sound, really enjoyed my first trip to Murrayfield, despite the result, which could have been alot worse.

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"put the grrill on' date=' get some cheese on toast on the go.

do you want chutney on that?

oh no dont go mad!"

shit i knew watching bill bailey again last night was a bad idea.[/quote']

Oooo, I got to watch Bill Bailey part Troll yesterday. I'm muchly amused.

The rugby result was awful, but as usual the atmosphere at Murrayfield was pretty good. Didn't see anyone in tears after the match - probably because we expected to get beaten. Wales are absolutely storming this season. It's great to see them playing so well.

And I'd like to point out that England are still screwed - did you see Jonny Wilkinson get carried off in his come-back match? Looks like he won't be playing in the Scotland game next week.

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Am I alone in thinking that Scotland did well in the second half because Wales had won the game and tooke their foot off the gas?

Or because Wales were down to 14 players for 10 minutes of it? ;)

Nah, scotland did well because they're always full of surprises - they always do the unexpected. Usually when they're expected to win they lose, and when they're expected to lose they win.

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