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An evening of improvised "FREE FOLK"

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interesting music are thrilled about putting this type event on for the very 1st time in Aberdeen; a package of artists operating in the avant experimental & psychedelic FREE FOLK field of music. If you follow contemporary music you will be aware of this, as The Wire Magazine & Brian Morton have been highlighting this very important music genre for some time. Contemporary music festivals like Instal, KYTN & Le Weekend have been increasing their exposure to artists operating in this loose improvised music genre. Come & see/hear this 1st hand.

Tuesday 15th March

The Tunnels

Doors 8pm

Entry 5

Josephine Foster (usa),

Taurpis Tula (scotland/usa)

James Blackshaw (eng)

Peter Wright (nz)

Josephine Foster

As a solo artist and as one half of the avant-folk duo Born Heller (who

are due to play @ Slint's All Tomorrow's Parties festival), Chicago's

Josephine Foster is an absolute gem! The balmy influence of her beautiful,

fragmented Appalachian folk songs overflow with a child-like sincerity,

heartbroken sorrow and a warm-heartedness sure to charm even the most

surly and jaded of us all. Foster's simple songwriting and soaring, almost

operatic vocals have fairly been compared to English folk-music legend

Shirley Collins, but Vashti Bunyan, Elizabeth Cotten and The Kossoy

Sisters also seem good points of reference here, playing ukulele, banjo,

guitar and harp amongst other instruments. After three gorgeous

self-released solo recordings and albums with Born Heller and

"rock'n'roll" group The Supposed under her belt, Foster looks set to

release her first official solo-album on Locust Music in April 2005.


Taurpis Tula

taurpis tula from glasgow, scotland is the duo of heather

leigh (charalambides and scorces) on petal steel/vocals and david leigh on

guitar, navigating rivers of steel string with their fists and throats.

Their all-improvised music works loops of spectral sound into beautifully

fucked tonal hymns.


last release review

examining drones and loops from the epic cragginess of The Dream Academy

and Terry Riley to its currency amongst laptop popsters and free-guitar

types has long been a passion. To create improvised, trance-driven music

with subtlety, emotionalism, hymn-like melody and physicality is rare.

Glasgow, Scotland's Taurpis Tula is that precious find. Guitarist/shortwave

radio operator David Keenan and vocalist/pedal steel guitarist Heather

Leigh Murray make a highly charged, soul-soothing music, borrowed and blue.

Atop wave-generated ambience an opera of muffled tones influenced by Holger

Czukay's experiments in church music and oblique sampling and haunted vocal

reveries, they scratch, scrape and caress their guitars. This technique,

adapted from the pounded-meat playing of Fred Frith, has become sensuous

in their capable hands, resulting in the crying sounds of steel strings that any country cowpoke

would envy. - A.D. Amorosi, Philadelphia City Paper.net.

James Blackshaw

23-year old London-based guitarist James Blackshaw's playing sounds as

inspiring as the Adirondacks (or Appalachians or the Sierra Nevadas). Put

quite simply, there's a new finger picker in town, and he smokes in a post

Robbie Basho way that will have you Jack Rose fans tripping over your

tongues reaching for new ostentatious descriptions to wow the hip masses

with. Blackshaw's twelve-string fairly rattles along, resonating to produce

unbridled raga-like flurries, bursting with energy, yet harnessed with

enough melodic definition to their fluid motions. There can be no doubt

that this guy really can play. His debut album 'Celeste' was released on

Campbell Kneale's (AKA Birchville Cat Motel) Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label

in late 2004 and was quickly followed by the drone/raga epic 'Lost Prayers

and Motionless Dances' on Digitalis Industries. A split-album with US-based

free-folk collective Davenport is due out on Static Records in February 2005.


Peter Wright

Peter Wright has been a highly prolific and important figure in the New

Zealand underground music scene for years and a true innovator in the

realms of minimal drone-based experimentation. Currently residing in

London, 2004 saw the release of Wright's long-running collaboration with

Finland's Uton on Digitalis Industries and solo-album 'Desolation Beauty

Violence' on Foxglove, as well as a re-issue of 'Distant Bombs' on Last

Visible Dog, which has been regarded by many as an essential album in it's

genre. Using a mixture of organic instrumentation such as 12-string electic

guitar in open tunings, violin and suspended bottles with field recordings and some

minor computer manipulation, Wright creates incredibly sad, beautiful and

hypnotic soundscapes.

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This one sounds like it should not be missed at any cost.

It will certainly be different, i'll be interested in seeing how many new faces with open minds turn-up. The evening will cross-over different music genres & cannot really be catergorised into easy record shop sections. It really deserves a great turn-out

Lovely write up by Delboy on Thursday night's EE

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That was a damn fine evening. Beats the crap out of Triptych and their booking fees and high ticket prices...


Thanks for that Dave, I totally agree, David Keenan was very chuffed about the venue, the turnout, the sound & the courtesy of the audience, (barring two stupid women & their muppet) hopefully more Keenan eclectica to follow sometime.

ive just posted this elewhere:-

Well i did say it would be different, can such a single bill have such a width of music & one act cause complete & utter division of opinion. Personally I'd rather have a discussion/rant about last nights proceedings than 100's of NICE/GREAT/FORGETTABLE

events. From this guy & others "One of the best & most imaginative interesting music events.

thanks to all our regulars for their continued support

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