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  1. Haha I think both variants are right.
  2. Nina is renton's cousin who he tries to chat up if I am not mistaken. It has a central story line which has ended when Renton run away to Amsterdam. The book is amazing and made me to think a lot . I know there is also a movie but unfortunately they made it worser that I have expected. I used to write the essay which is connected with this book but my vocabulary list and correct grammar sentences are not pretty acceptable, so I just simply used the site https://www.essayskills.com/ where I bought the essay and get the good mark of my subject. I still have to improve myself to write quality essays without any help but at that moment it was inevitabity. Wish you good luck. Hope you would write it in a perfect way.
  3. What a perfect music you guys are sending!
  4. I don't like them too. It made me to irritate everything.
  5. I like The Smith right now, it shows my mood with their help.
  6. Every song of John Legend makes me to cry. I am so sentimental so it's very easy for me to cry even without any reason.
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