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  1. fatz

    Hip hop/DJ/Rap Producer Wanted

    aryt bro, my names fatz im a rapper from london, living in aberdeen. give me a shout if you want to make some tracks or just have a little cypher
  2. fatz

    rap producer needed

    im looking for anyone making sick hip hop beats, and has some recording equiptment to work with me for fun or on making some real tracks. give me a shout, i got the barz if you got the beats.
  3. fatz

    Free Recording Studio Time

    hey dude, im a rapper from london, names fatz, was wondering if you still had a studio available for recording?
  4. im a rapper from london, living in aberdeen, and im looking for people who produce hip hop or other rappers who might be interested in making some music, for fun or seriously. id be happy to rap anywhere with anyone in the area at anytime. kl