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  1. Hey folks , I'm a 2nd year HND sound production student at Aberdeen college (NESCOL) looking for a band to record as part of the course. I can offer a free 3 hour recording session at the college (on Mon the 29th of January 2018 in the main studio from 5 - 8 pm) to record a song, which I will then also mix and master (also for free). Full ownership of the recording will be yours as I only want to use it for educational purposes and improving my skills (and as I will be assessed on it you can be assured I will put in a lot of work). I need at least 16 audio tracks which basically means a 5 piece band to my mind, but maybe a smaller band that has layering ideas for guitars,vocals or any other instrument could work. Drums will be necessary whatever the configuration of the rest of the band. 3 hours isn't that long when it comes to recording so we can plan the details of the session beforehand to make sure we get the most out of it. Ill be considering all aspects of the recording in detail, things like mic choice and positioning for each instrument etc so the better idea I have of the sound your after the more I can tailor things to suit that. If your interested (or know anyone who might be), drop me a pm. Links to any existing stuff/vids would also be helpful so I can get a feel of the style and sound your going for. Cheers