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  1. Shivananda

    Ampeg BA 300-210

    Hi For sale is an Ampeg BA 300-210 solid state bass amplifier boasting 2 10" speakers and a single tweeter. It has the usual Ampeg controls with a 12AX7 preamp and built in compressor. 3 band EQ with ultra hi/ ultra low options. The preamp has 5 settings; from flat all the way to a low cut. It is a heavy amp but comes with casters so is an ease moving it about. Would be great for a regular gigger, loud enough for a small to medium sized gig. Has a direct out line on the back if you want to bypass the inbuilt speakers. Tweeter volume can be controlled on the back panel. I've had it for about 9 months now. In perfect working order and very good condition. Selling it for £350. Anand
  2. Shivananda

    Ibanez SRF700 Portamento - 4string Fretless Bass

    Yeah, it's still available. PM me and we can sort something out. Weekend will probably be the best time.
  3. Hi there, For sale is an Ibanez SRF700 Portamento 4-string fretless bass guitar. I've owned this guitar for 6 months, it is still in great condition. Very minor wear to the fretboard. Currently strung with La Bella Deep Talkin' Bass flatwounds. Comes with 2 MK1 Bartolini single coils (neck and bridge pickups) and a Piezo built in to the bridge itself. Offers a variety of tones. Mahogany body with a 5pc maple bubinga neck through construction. Ergonomically designed body, very comfortable to play. The fretboard is unlined but comes with side markers. Does not come with a gig-bag unfortunately. Only selling as I have a new bass and need to make room. Sold new for 769 pounds. I'm selling this for 450 pounds negotiable. You are welcome to try if interested. Great bass for anyone wanting to start playing fretless. Regards, Anand
  4. Shivananda

    stuff for sale

    HI there Is the WEM Dominator Bass still up for sale? Cheers