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  1. 21 Year old Bassist/Guitarist(wanting to play bass) looking to start a band! I'm looking to Play and write music aspiring to bands like; HIM, The 69 Eyes, For my Pain..., basically gothic metal. Not looking for screaming. Melodic singing, synths and piano/keyboard very welcome! Some songs heavy enough to bang your head and some rock ballads. I have a wide variety of fav bands in different genres to talk about(Parkway Drive, Metallica, Killswitch engage, Frank Sinatra...) eventually looking to gig but would love a group to play and write with generally as i know it can take a while to find the sound we want! PM for details also easier if you live in Aberdeenshire area!
  2. Metal band forming but require drummer! Needs to be willing to do covers as well as help write material! 8) our influences include; As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Avenged sevenfold etc! If you're interested message ASAP
  3. Bassist and song writer(when needed) 18 and begging to perform! Any style of metal.
  4. 'm 18, i have been described as a sometimes gothic character, but oh well:L i've played guitar for nearly 10yrs but i prefer to the sound of a bass. I like bass heavy tracks and songs with lots and lots breakdowns! My influences date back to metallica/megadeth to Avenged Sevenfold/Killswitch Engage, Thy art is murder/Bleeding Through and of course my fav band Parkway Drive. I want to do covers that bring the house down and write songs that will one day be screamed around the world!
  5. despite lack of response of keen musicians, my plan so start a band is still in play, and the genre i'm looking at is Metalcore. I need a drummer who is sick on the double bass pedal, a screamer who can sing too (maybe both), a bassist who can bring hell and guitarist who can burn through guitar solos! I play guitar, but also bass if we can't find one. At the moment the project is called "Delirium", name can change if band decides otherwise! I'm looking for a sound that matches the likes of early trivium, Bullet for my valentine, sylosis and killswitch engage. We may have songs that sound different but that's part of us finding our sound! I can write some lyrics but someone to help with that would be good from a creative perspective! Message if interested!
  6. If you want to know my abilities and influences, view my previous ads! But i'm looking for a metal band OR a punk band that's NOFX-esk! 8)
  7. 16-22 years prefered. i'm a 17yr old Guitarist, been playing for 8years(almost 9) and i love all genres of music. but my passion is metal. i've gigged with a band before but they went in an odd direction and i had to leave. But i want this again! to record, to play covers, to gig, to have a good time and one day to make a mark on the metal world! Thrash, heavy, metalcore etc contact me bros! influences; metallica, megadeth, sylosis, bullet for my valentine, killswitch engage, Trivium, slipknot, Korn, Yngwie Malmsteen + Avenged sevenfold. idolised guitsrist and playing style: kirk hammett. i play a metal Lead guitar with blues and monotonic riffs, i play rythm well too!
  8. Lemonade guy- Technically I was 8 but I was 9 when I got my first guitar! so it will be 9years once I turn 18 Hippo- It would depend on where we practise and I know how that feels, I've wasted a year just trying to find a band haha!
  9. I'm close to turning 18. so i'm not sure if i'm who you're looking for?
  10. Hey man! What age are you aiming for?? I've played guitar for 8 years and influences include metallica, megadeth, slayer, machine head and trivium!
  11. I've Already made a post regarding starting a metal band. I'm still up for that; but i'm also into rock, blues and punk! My favourite guitarists vary from; Kirk hammett, dave mustaine, Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary moore etc etc age range i'm looking for is 17 -20ish. Willing to do covers and writing! Music is my life, i hope some of you share same passion!
  12. I'm 17yrs old, been playing guitar for 8yrs and bass came naturally with playing for that duration. My influences include Megadeth, Metallica, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Avenged sevenfold etc etc, the list goes on. Looking for people on my wave length that want a solid group who can write, do covers and eventually record! Then the dream is to tour right? Message if interested!
  13. I am a 17yr old bassist. Love most metal genres! What kind of bands would we sound like?
  14. 17 yr old bassist, I'm seriously into metal and band's like limp bizkit. I'm open to punk as i love the style and aggression! Still looking?
  15. Hey man, 17 yr old bassist/rhythm guitarist looking for exactly this! What style of metal you's playing?
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