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  1. LOV3 MOT3L indie electronic glitchwave

    https://pizzabeast.bandcamp.com/album/teresa-ate-ma-gerbil Vote for someone else.
  2. LOV3 MOT3L indie electronic glitchwave

    We made a wee EP about politics, just in time for the election on Thursday. Up here soonhttps://soundcloud.com/lov3mot3lHope you like it! A nice video about how Teresa May ate our gerbil https://youtu.be/Tm0aQaI1e9A
  3. LOV3 MOT3L indie electronic glitchwave

    Thank you, kind sir. Those are the best kind of parties, I find. Enjoy!
  4. LOV3 MOT3L indie electronic glitchwave

    No returns planned for the time being but we'll keep you posted if we ever make it back to Belmont Street! Cheers for your kind feedback
  5. LOV3 MOT3L indie electronic glitchwave

    Thanks man! No, we are from Aberdeen (I saw 10EW in Dr Drakes a long time ago!) but we are spread all over the shop now. Still dream of a triumphant homecoming gig in... where do the cool kids play in town now??
  6. whatever that means. This is a project called LOV3 MOT3L a few of us have been working on. It started off as a synthy dream poppy thing then went off in various directions. Our album is here: https://lov3mot3l.bandcamp.com Hope you like it.
  7. Introducing The Nosuns

    Hi, Just a wee update. Our album is now available on limited edition cassette on ZyNg Tapes. Comes with nine downloadable bonus tracks and a badge! http://music.zyngtapes.co.uk/album/pawrawnaw-zyng015
  8. Introducing The Nosuns

    Hi folks, We have a new album, PAWRAWNAW, coming out soon. We've put a couple of tracks up on bandcamp. Would love to hear your thoughts (or maybe that would be really scary). thenosuns.bandcamp.com You can also download our previous album, The Third Line, which we released on NY cassette label Reel Taped last year, for free. Cheers mins!
  9. Introducing The Nosuns

    Fit like? The Nosuns are pleased to announce the release of "The Third Line" through New York cassette label Reel Taped. Head over to thenosuns.bandcamp.com to have a listen. You can check out other Reel Taped releases at reeltaped.bandcamp.com Thanks! "This band hails from Aberdeen, UK and has a selection of interestingly named songs. This band is refreshingly different from a lot of bands out there and deserves a good listen." indiepoplove.com "Lo-fi Scottish indie-pop, done exceptionally well by Aberdeen's The Nosuns." electricsoundofjoy.com "The Third Line is a beautiful debut from South Korea's The Nosuns." Dave Chandler, Korean Homesick Blues.
  10. Introducing The Nosuns

    We've made a wee FB page and posted a video for "Anguk" on there. Ten victory points to anyone who can identify that sample. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=860335094023855
  11. Introducing The Nosuns

    Please don't apologise! Good to have your thoughts, and thanks for listening.
  12. Introducing The Nosuns

    Cheers min! Appreciate it.
  13. Introducing The Nosuns

    Hello. We're The Nosuns, two brothers originally fae Aberdeen, separated by circumstances and thousands of miles, held together by a cheap four track and the internet. We started this not really knowing where it would go, and it's turned into a kind of lo-fi thing, more by circumstance than design, with elements of pop, alternative, acoustic, electro. Our first album is called The Third Line, and we've put some of the tracks up on bandcamp: http://thenosuns.bandcamp.com/ And some others on soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/the-nosuns We hope you like it, but if you dinnae we'd really appreciate any constructive feedback too. Thanks. Jimmi Nosun.