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  1. Hello, We’ve been a classic rock cover band for about 5 years . Having lost members we hit the recording studio and recorded an album. We have are own rehearsal room. There are some really interesting gigs coming up in the area and we really want to gig , but we’re minus a drummer. Check our music out on the link below , there are 10 songs. If you’re interested contact me on 07716148668 or ahealya@googlemail.com . Thanks Alan
  2. Hello, If your a drummer interested In playing in a Classic Rock cover band (we do some more modern ones also). You will probably be familiar with all the songs on our setlist. If your interested drop me a line. Alan
  3. Hello we are looking for a drummer for our rock band we have members from around north east area . We mainly do classic rock's songs with some modern songs also .( We are quite open minded to what we play ). Even if you haven't played for a while drop me a line . We have some bookings later on in the year. Thanks
  4. Hello we're looking for practice / rehearsal room north Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire. Thanks
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