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  1. Having a mental illness is proving harder with lack of friends. I'm always alone nowadays.

  2. Maybe it is haunted. It is a gothic bar (that has Sin, Saint, & Apocalypse themed cocktails), that used to be a church.. God can't be happy.
  3. RT @tbhjuststop: me looking back on my life https://t.co/EXtitiJb6M
  4. RT @__jeffica: the thought of going back to college makes me want to cry for a thousand years
  5. Managed to smack myself in the face with a cocktail shaker tonight. #TopBartender
  6. Off for my last shift at Codona's, and ngl my heart is breaking just a little bit..
  7. The toilet keeps making noises like the kitchen sink every few minutes and it scares me to pee.
  8. RT @tbhjuststop: my life is pretty much when you throw something on your bed and it bounces until it falls on the floor
  9. RT @tbhjuststop: when u see ur ex in public but you’re all alone https://t.co/R0CgTLeKPD
  10. Practice at 8:30am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week. Swear my lecturer is trying to kill me. #WotUDoinLen?
  11. RT @tbhjuststop: *wants to travel the world but has $1.76*
  13. I made so much food holy fuck
  14. Getting up and ready to be in college for 8:30 to find out some prick has stole your fucking timps. Aye, sound made. ._.
  15. @Pinkyy_x fuck it, both? Ahaha
  16. @Pinkyy_x sweet! Is our zoo date not this year too?!
  17. I swapped shifts at work so that I can have Valentine's off, even though I know me and Brodie will spend the day inside eating fish fingers.
  18. RT @tbhjuststop: such a struggle having a sassy mouth but being hella sensitive at the same time
  19. RT @tinatbh: the thicker ur thighs are the more snacks you can lay on your lap
  20. RT @tbhjuststop: *mad af at my boyfriend and not speaking to him* him: so... want something to eat? me: https://t.co/LJeghuoj8c
  21. Excuse me what sorry? N. o. p. e. https://t.co/0LqHMSaRL4
  22. @McKenedyBerwash THIS IS YOUR FAULT!
  23. Also now got a bad obsession with the game Neko Atsume.. What has Pip done to me?
  24. May have just made the worst small error of my whole life.
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