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  1. New Panda Bear is decent... starts a bit dull but definitely gets more enjoyable. Think it will be a grower Liked what I heard of the new Sleater-Kinney too. Ace
  2. Kurt Vile - Wakin on a Pretty Daze I love Kurt Vile. I'm a big folky at heart so his stoner-folk music is stuff I could happily listen to all day, equally good for car journeys, sunny afternon meanderings and sitting about late at night doing not very much.This one isn't as good as his last one but still really decent 8/10
  3. so so so tempted by the new vinyl boxset
  4. Oh dear I meant Glass Swords. Getting confused between the two I'd heard that about Alcachofa, but it just didn't grab me. I'll maybe give it another couple of listens to see if it clicks
  5. Been sat having a lazy morning so far and got through the following (all first time listens): Les Savy Fav - Emor: Rome Upside Down EP - decent bit of noughties rock, but with it being an EP never really got going enough for me. 6/10 Ricardo Villalobos - Alcachofa - decent enough electronic music that would have been better if the tracks weren't as long. A lot with ideas that either take ages to develop or don't really go anywhere. 5/10 Jim O'Rourke - Insignificance - dunno what I was expecting but this wasn't it. In a good way. Really enjoyed this. Nice mellow, mostly acoustic, alt-americanaish with a bit of slide guitar thrown in 8/10 Rustie - Green Swords - awesome. Love music that sounds like it could have been the soundtrack to a Mega Drive game. Really entertaining
  6. Got a few things in Fopp in Edinburgh at the weekend: Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel... Brian Eno - Another Green World Brian Eno - Before and After Science Arcade Fire - Refklektor Burial - Rival Dealer EP Fela Kuti - Zombie Fela Kuti - Expensive Shit/He Miss Road Loving the Fela Kuti stuff especially
  7. I'm a trombone player and this year I've started working through my grades for practical and theory - sat grade 5 theory last saturday and got my grade 5 practical on Thursday. I play at a higher level than grade 5 but that's the highest you can sit without the grade 5 theory. Hopefully I can pass both and move on up to grade 6 (although I don't intend doing any more theory at the moment - stressful enough having to study again!)
  8. Nowhere by Ride. Can't believe it's taken me this long to get into them. Top album
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