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  1. Hi, I'm looking for musicians to play with, whether you're individuals to start together or an existing band. Looking for someone with music knowledge and ability to write songs and have experience. Here are links to some demo tracks: Probably looking for practice once a week and getting gigs, that kind of commitment. Sorry but not interested in full cover band. No time wasters please. Thank you!
  2. Hi, thanks for the interests, but I'll have to say sorry, like my original ad said, I'm not looking for a cover band at the moment. But I think there're many singers around who are keen. Hope you find someone! Cheers!
  3. Hi, I do lead vocal yeah. Have experience singing at many open mics and jam sessions as well. Cheers!
  4. Hi, I'm a singer, guitarist, song writer. Male, 24. Looking to play some funk jazz fusion rock kind of stuffs. Have plenty of experience and own equipment. Not looking to do a cover band but wouldn't mind doing some covers at the start to get things going. Wouldn't mind if you're a like minded musician or a band looking for a new member. Just message me and we'll have a jam and take it from there. Cheers!
  5. Hey thanks for the reply. I've had a few replies and am just playing with all different musicians (each likes to play different styles) but you're the first drummer yet! What bands do you listen to? Cheers!
  6. Hi, I'm a singer & guitarist looking for people to jam with and see how we get on, and just getting used to each others' styles and write a few songs to start with. Then we can find a complete band, do recording, get gigs... I'm a postgrad student, moderately committed to this (at least for the start). But if you are a band and think I'd really fit in well then I'm more than happy to give it a try. No harm getting a jam together anyway. I said I'm a singer & guitarist, but I'm primarily a guitarist and I wouldn't mind if someone else is singing in the band, but I wouldn't be interested to only be the singer and not play guitar at all. Here are some influences: Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Nosound, Nirvana, Explosions In The Sky, (early) Guns n' Roses, Aerosmith, BB King, Alter Bridge, Chet Baker, Dexter Gordon... If any of those styles interest you, we can go towards that direction. I'm not looking to add all of them together. Have experience in gigs and recording but wouldn't mind if you don't. Sorry but NOT interested in cover bands right now. Thanks for reading!
  7. Tomorrow morning or evening or Sunday onwards are all good with me.
  8. Hey man, I happen to have 1, came with the bass I bought so it's bit longer. Let me know if you like it, I'm in Old Aberdeen.
  9. 1st one is a RG3270 in colour amber. Key features would be the flame maple top and mahogany body (most Ibanez come in basswood, so this is very rare), practically a J-Custom but they put it as Prestige just to sell abroad. Pickups have been upgraded, DiMarzio Air Classic at neck and Seymour Duncan 59 at bridge, middle one unchanged. Reasons I changed it, the neck would sound a lot like classic PRS tone, warm, full bodied, quick and smooth for fast solo. Bridge would sound very clear, edgy in a good way, think Les Paul sound (I emailed Seymour Duncan and said I have this guitar with these specs and I want Slash's tone and they suggested that pickup, for the neck I emailed DiMarzio saying I want Santana kind of sound and they suggested that, so it's all well picked). Normally if you want an Ibanez Prestige with these wood combinations it'd be other models with 'Ultra neck' profile, which is a fatter profile rather than the famous fast Ibanez Wizard neck. So it has everything! http://ibanez.wikia.com/wiki/RG3270 2nd one is a RG 2570EX in colour silver, Key feature would be its Super Wizard neck, even thinner and quicker than the famous Ibanez Wizard neck! Pickups have been changed to Seymour Duncan Jazz at neck (my personal favourite pickup, really sweet sound working on this guitar) and DiMarzio Fred at bridge (think Satriani's tone) and middle pickup unchanged. http://ibanez.wikia.com/wiki/RG2570EX Both come with Ibanez Prestige RG hardshell case and fitted strap. Can even throw in some new picks if that's your thing. Trying welcome. Can post within UK. Thanks for looking!
  10. As in the title, not much more explanation needed. If you have one thinking of selling, give me a message and how much you're looking. Cheers!
  11. Yeh I'm looking for a band not a lecture and in all honesty I have no idea what your point is here. I know to play for the audience but I'd be a retard to put on an ad saying I regard myself better than average and then play Wonderwall as a demo to show others what I'm capable of. Everyone can manage Wonderwall. Tbh right now I'm not too bothered whether people just wanna keep shouting to me trying to embarrassing me cos my initial post was so cocky (I know it's so cocky and I'd probably take it down some time when I get time to do a better one). But I went to The Downstairs Blues Jam the other day for the first time and more people than I could remember came to tell me how well I did when I came off stage, and blues is far far from my most natural territory. Not trying to be arrogant here, but I think it just shows that when you see me play you'll know why I have high expectation. I had been in bands playing less, and bands playing more, and now I'm not looking to take a step back just because here we have countless people preaching to me what they think I should do without knowing anything about me. You don't go to a kid hoping to become the next Lewis Hamilton and say, son go and drive some cabs, that's what everyone wants you to do and that's what gets you cash every night. I'd happily not have a band and spend all that time learning new things and improve myself instead of stop myself from improving and spend all that time doing cheap tricks just cos "people like it". In B.B. King's early career, people already hated him before they heard his music because they heard a guy is black and coming to sing blues, but he didn't stop that and go and play some mediocre mainstream instead, and when people actually heard his music, most of them changed their opinion instantly and took back their prejudgement. And now no one has a bad thing to say about him. I see people playing music for many years and stopped improving much for many years and they enjoyed doing the covers at the gigs and get good feedback, and I'm happy for them, but that's not gonna be me. Thank you for your time hearing that rough demo and telling me about music scene here. But like I already said, if you don't like it or if it's not what you want, just move on, we'll never meet and never jam together. All the best for yourself and your music.
  12. Hi, so I've done a quick rough demo of some guitar noodling and the link's below. It was pretty much all improvised apart from the starting riff and the later chord lines. I did it quickly and I hope you can take anything you like and leave whatever you don't like, cos if you don't like it we'll just not jam together anyway. Simple. First 1.30 or so was just like pacman on steroid can't stick to a proper rhythm. Cos I had nothing at the back to keep tracking it. Don't worry, I can manage a 4/4 rhythm on slow-ish tempo on a good day. After that I tried using simple loop as background and it's quite different in style. I'm happy to play either or both styles, as long as the band are happy. Thanks for your interests! Also, that guitar in the photo (Ibanez RG2570EX) was used for recording this and is up for sale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6BlZO-G8zg
  13. Sure can try to get one done this weekend. Can't guarantee the finest sound quality though but it should give you an idea. What sort of style/influence are you looking for? So I can try playing something along that line. Cheers!
  14. i've got a side cover band singing wonderwall and preparing for britain's got talent. we practise 5 times a week just practise wonderwall and with that wonderwall all the ladies love it more than they love all other music. so watch the space ye son.
  15. Hi, I just moved to Aberdeen and don't know hardly any musicians around. I'm looking to get some music going. And although I do play a fair different types of music, here I'm looking to play something bit heavy, like Alter Bridge, but in no mean trying to copy their style. If you listen to other bands with some similarity then we can give it a try. My other influence include: Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Queen Adreena... I'm sure there're some bands there I mentioned that you don't like at all, but I'm not looking to get all their influence in so don't worry. But if there're some bands there you do like and are welling to give it a try, we'll go towards that direction. I used to play a lot of metal and now I also listen to a lot of jazz, so there is a range I can do. And I've worked with musicians who don't have any same favourite bands as each other but at least we played a similar style and it worked really well. Here's about my singing. I mostly idolise Steven Tyler and Myles Kennedy, so I'm comfortable at that thin high pitch but I'm welling to put in all sorts of diversity to make the music good. I have played at some open mics and got some good feedback. I have just recorded another acoustic song that my friend is doing some mastering, when it's done I'll put it up (hopefully soon) and you get an idea of my writing style and singing. Guitar. Guitarists are out there more than dogs on the street but before I moved here I was a very well regarded guitarist in Southampton so if you're looking for someone a level higher than mediocre average then you might wanna give me a shout. I used to describe my playing as learning Paul Gilbert's technique and Randy Rhoads' style. And that is still somewhat true. I know to serve the song so I don't ask everyone to hold back and have a 20 minutes solo. I can do just some simple melody if that fits best, or I'll do a 5 minutes shred solo like DragonForce if it goes with that particular song. I'm happy to just be a guitarist in a band if you already have a singer and he/she is better than me, or I can be singer and guitarist. But I'm not welling to just be a singer without playing guitar at all, unless you already have 2 guitarists in your band and both are obviously better than me, but then I'd be pleasantly surprised you aren't headlining all the major festivals this summer. About me, I'm a 23 y/o student just started at University of Aberdeen. I'm friendly and easy going but I get very passionate with music. I'm perhaps writing all this text in a slightly cocky manner cos I've had so many time wasters with my last ad and if you've been through the same you know how they can change a good man. I hope to meet some nice people to jam with and have a laugh. Hope to get gigs in sight but there's no hurry, quality comes first. I already said in the title, I'm looking to play originals. I don't mind a few covers at the start to get things going but not a full or mostly cover band. My last ad had attracted interests from cover bands and I can tell you here I'm not interested. I hope to meet some talented musician who has the quality and confidence to regard themselves better than mediocre average and wants to play music better than the mediocre average. Do something different, something better. I mean, would you not be pissed off if you had a Ferrari but can only drive it like it's a Ford Fiesta? So, bassist with big groove I'll be more than happy to spend all my free time learning your polyrhythm and get it right. Guitarist with much creativity but not the super ego to make everyone else hold back all the time. Drummer welling to do some whacky fills than just holding the 4/4. And last but not least, if you're a time waster then just jog on before I get more annoyed by you. Otherwise, thanks a lot for reading this long long text, anything just give a shout!
  16. Eeek I'm so sorry I only saw this now and I've ordered those things already! I'll keep this in mind though if I decide to change an amp! Thanks anyway.
  17. ADD: If you happen to have a Fender Jazz Special (the one similar to Duff Mckagan's, with the Precision split PU etc) then I might increase my spending cos that's a model I really like.
  18. Hi, I'm looking for a Fender Precision bass 2nd hand. Or other Fender models that have the Precision split pickup (so can produce the same sound basically). No Squire please. Because of my budget it's unlikely I'll be able to afford an American one, unless you're welling to let it go for fairly cheap ha. Also looking for a small-ish amp. Right now I have in mind that I'll order an Ampeg BA-108 and that'd be under 100 pounds but if anything suitable comes up from the 2nd hand market I'll definitely consider. Thanks for looking. Let me know if you have anything suitable for sale! Cheers! Richard
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