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  1. The Sessionette needs to go first but looking for something a bit more modern, Blackstar HT5 or Super Champ X2
  2. I am looking for a smaller home friendly valve combo no more than 15w so if anyone would like to swap with cash either way send me a PM. (That is if it does not sell on ebay beforehand)
  3. Its a genuine 2x12 cab not an adapted 2x10. The speakers are Celestion G35L.
  4. Amplifier now sold, thanks +++ Will be listing a Sessionette 75 2*12 with retrotone upgrade shortly.
  5. Thats a shame I need two 4 ohm or two 16 ohm to make 8 ohm in a 2x12 Sessioette 75
  6. I have a Godin LG P90 & gig bag I dont use.
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