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  1. RT @JElvisWeinstein: This photo looks like a lost Pink Floyd album cover. https://t.co/z8UmrtFdAA

  2. @froukehe @JimGrange @chrsmln Why not test it then? Seems like an easy thing to measure.

  3. @froukehe @JimGrange @chrsmln As far as I can tell, python > R for machine learning, etc. R's still my main languag… https://t.co/gFlP08IYEl

  4. @katejjeffery @clelandpsych ... for example, where I grew up, "should have" was pronounced "should of," and I've fo… https://t.co/7OzqcvDWId

  5. @JimGrange Early evening works for me. or i could email my annotated sgf

  6. RT @Kasparov63: Putin is a poker player. He bases his hostile actions on evaluating his opponents, not just the cards. They keep folding, h…

  7. @JimGrange A light goes on, but that's about it

  8. RT @helenwarrell: In @FT: Home Office was aware of real student overstayer numbers in 2015 so has kept data back for at least 18 mnths http…

  9. @inferencelab Doesn't sound like much of a weekend :(

  10. What an end to a four hour poker game! My best hand ever https://t.co/pUVsFEzKj1

  11. @mattyshoestring @dccommonsense The important thing is what they think they suffer from. You can talk about reality… https://t.co/yuCruwnJyA

  12. @JimGrange If you look at the games I lose, it's usually due to me playing on auto-pilot (same here with the double hane in the corner)

  13. @ldscherer Are you including all badly ran student studies in which the data is essentially random noise?

  14. @TomFoulsh What a strange article.

  15. This week's success: introduced my undergrad RA to #rstats. She now loves it. Next week, get her playing go #baduk

  16. @v_lamarche I'll pass it on. They both pail in comparison to Buffy herself in my humble opinion ;)

  17. I really do think that the near constant moaning on social media is bad for junior academics. It's hard, but not *that* hard :-)

  18. @froukehe @lakens because it is. I agree it's not a good measure, but see little point in fighting against it. That… https://t.co/B2JjzGB5TZ

  19. RT @TimHarford: Is there a word for polymathic ignorance? https://t.co/7Qd5LhKD0x

  20. @HardcoreHistory Have you seen Dunkirk yet? Thoughts?

  21. Another 4k dispatched (this time, overly aggressive type, who did his best to kill me. Before forgetting to defend… https://t.co/UMZB2YGT1s

  22. And another, to make it 3/3 for a hat-trick against 4kyus on KGS. I guess i've finally hit 5kyu properly, and the break did me good :)

  23. RT @TimKington: That is some hard-core sci-fi shit. https://t.co/Lne9cFczBx

  24. @donna_de @BBCSport I'm guessing that she mentioned baking when asked to supply the BBC with some personal info to… https://t.co/onmMucHCl7

  25. @JimGrange Then collect some pilot data? I don't always myself, but I am noticing that it's usually a good use of time :)

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