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  1. RT @TimHarford: "UK cabinet is at loggerheads over which of two impossible plans [will be] rejected by the EU. This isn't rearranging deck…

  2. @GWRHelp You'll be pleased to hear I now need to get a rail replacement bus. This journey is a joke.

  3. @JimGrange Why not spend your HOLIDAY doing fun things? Come visit and we can have a game on my board in a beer garden.

  4. @JimGrange @britgo Well, if you ever want to show me up online for a game, let me know. Or better yet, come visit C… https://t.co/OHWJ1uiI7H

  5. Mistake confirmed. I actually came have been second! EGF 3 kyu here I come (well, only a c grade event so my rank won't budge much)

  6. @Dr_EdFisher_UK TRL?

  7. What a fantastic photo! https://t.co/1own3KRAdk

  8. @DrTimHolmes That lines up with what I was thinking. If the supermarkets actually cared, simply moving more sustain… https://t.co/Qe7kISVHBI

  9. RT @DrTimHolmes: Ever wondered. why myths and fake news survive? https://t.co/5c12YEtbln #cognitive #bias #BehavioralEconomics #neuroscienc…

  10. @DrTimHolmes Is there any evidence for this? It would be really nice to be able to point at some data and show that… https://t.co/lR6cePb1JV

  11. Amazed at how brainwashed some of our students are when it comes to statistical analysis. The problem runs deeper t… https://t.co/w0myGK46mn

  12. RT @castthebones: Episode 1 of Cast The Bones now on YouTube for everyone, thanks to the generosity of my Patrons. Please share. - Ben http…

  13. RT @AntiRecords: .@rafiqbhatia's new album BREAKING ENGLISH is out now, available everywhere you listen to music. We're thrilled to share t…

  14. @Dr_EdFisher_UK Doesn't that happen relatively frequently? Average of over 2 days of snow every April. It is surpri… https://t.co/gQNBxFbVs6

  15. @chipboaz It's like if "jazz" was used to market anything from African proto-blues, bebop to hip hop, swing, funk and Latin. Not helpful.

  16. @TimHarford @doctorow Brian Wansink has apparently made a career out of cargo cult science and fooling the media an… https://t.co/1c5LdESFjI

  17. @importantcast when do we get more Bird News?

  18. @matthewherbert The response: "Haha is he going to pay the £2500+ to swim it as well?"

  19. RT @TimHarford: How Cambridge Analytica exploited the data rush with style https://t.co/UL7uU7nETz Lesson 1: Beware Eton educated executive…

  20. @JimGrange Fancy heading to one of the upcoming competitions? I'm tempted by the Not the London Open.

  21. RT @TimHarford: Have voters changed their minds about Brexit? (NB This piece is by the indefatigable John Curtice and thus must be read.) h…

  22. @JimGrange I've had this several times with Journal of Vision. You expect better when they charge such silly publication fees.

  23. RT @TimHarford: Good thread: the Brexit situation looks on an unsustainable trajectory in many ways, yet much of the political landscape is…

  24. A three way tie at Skye with 5 games from 6. #baduk. Sadly I came third on the tiebreak rule. Still, good times

  25. @edwinbrady Well, I hope you can. Cold wind, but otherwise perfect weather up here. Just back from a bracing walk up into the hills.

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