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  1. 18 year old male seeks female singer/songwriter for thinly veiled attempt to get in your knickers/half baked indie folk band. Perfect breasts a must.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88hfEqJaCtE Is this the kind of thing you're looking to do? Like the unholy child of Dying Fetus and Blink 182?
  3. The intro sounds a lot like "Too Many Puppies" by Primus.
  4. Yup. In much the same way that every generic stadium-rock band of a generation has the same influence. Most musicians don't pick up their first instruments and cut their teeth on bootlegged Neutral Milk Hotel B-sides.
  5. Maybe so, but their influence on every rock band after them is massive enough that you shouldn't dismiss them out of hand too readily. Its the same with Kiss. They are a naff band. They are horribly generic, but a huge number of late 80s and 90s alt-rock and Grunge bands can trace their roots back to Kiss; this is because literally everyone listened to them. Without them there would be no Nirvana or no Red Hot Chili Peppers for example. Also, here is my favourite Kiss song:
  6. Early Korn were very *ahem* influenced by Primus,
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers- By The Way (The first real album I ever bought, inspired me to start playing music, still listen to it 12 years after its release, inspired by the band's wide influences to start listening to loadsa new music) Standout Track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VU2kdbANwA Joni Mitchell- Blue (Quite simply, the album that taught me how deep and powerful simplicity in music could be) Standout Track: Isis- The Red Sea (In my opinion, the heaviest album ever released, powerful and daring, brutal and unrelenting) Standout Track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIGCKTMlFDQ
  8. If you can get past the 1:49 mark on this tune, it turns in to a mental acid funk workout with what I consider to be the best bass riff of all time.
  9. I recently listened to them after finding out that the breakdown in Smack My Bitch Up by Prodigy samples Bulls On Parade.
  10. Maybe I didn't make this too clear, I agree that there is nothing wrong with a band caring about it's image, but I guess there is a certain breed of band that takes itself waaaay to seriously in terms of how they come across and this is something that has annoyed me in my time as a musician and a promoter. In the past as well, I've not been immune to it myself. As well, I don't think its the biggest problem ever and wasn't really what I intended to convey with my original post. Its just a dumb in joke, I guess.
  11. Hollistercore was a derisive term me and a friend made up to describe an overly fashion/image conscious trend within punk/hardcore music. Not that everyone needs to be a big sweaty beardy dude to play hardcore or whatever but bands that dress and play in a way that seems cut out of amould in order to get on whatever label piss me the hell off. I don't really want to talk shit about specific bands cos I could do with making some friends before I make any enemies but its basically this:
  12. Nefarious C makes a good point about perspective. Glasow for example produces some great music and local acts put on decent nights, but on the other side when one band makes it in a certain style or genre it seems like everyone jumps on the bandwagon. There are hunners of bands in Glasgow that are either Hollistercore shit or blatant rip-offs of Mogwai, Twilight Sad or Biffy Clyro. This can make putting on or playing gigs at the lowest levels a real slog cos if you're in an actual decent band, its difficult to get heard. It was even worse when bands would rip off bigger bands like AnCo or Circa Survive. Another problem is that more and more venues are paying more and more extortionate fees to use their venues. Also promoters are taking more and more ticket shares. If you're creative and have the time, you can put on your own gigs in the decent venues, but then people take advantage of this and start to take the piss. So you can either take on the whole process yourself and be a (incredibly poor) whipping boy for the whole scene or stick it out getting fucked over by greedy bastards. yes this happened to me.....
  13. I love this song. It has a really youthful energy to it. I think that the first vocal should be done alongisde the falsetto and have the falsetto as a backing vocal. Or maybe even have two falsetto to thicken it out. It actually reminds me of an old MC5 song .
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