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  1. RT @GeorgeTakei: I sense a disturbance in time/space. http://t.co/IZoe6HHDlk

  2. Thank you for the support... 298? http://t.co/Wzfqy5uIcG

  3. "Join 298 other followers"

    I'm pretty sure my blog only has 7 followers, but 298 would be pretty badass! http://t.co/Pb85lf3viZ

  4. New blog posted up 13 hours ago. 6 followers, 8 likes and 1 comment. Totally humbled!

  5. My new music related blog to bookmark. "Coming Soon!" http://t.co/dvj7Su9keE via @wordpressdotcom

  6. Brand new music blog on its way for 2014. Be afraid!

  7. RT @irarchaeology: German and British troops meet during the Christmas Truce of 1914 http://t.co/vDhFitsmJz

  8. Merry Xmas! Whatever you believe, I hope you all have a wonderful day xxx

  9. Realised this is my fave Xmas related track! http://t.co/c1Wy2b9JxK

  10. Hopefully Mosh on the Radio can aim for this next year.
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