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  1. I photographed a wedding recently and need to source a good quality wedding album. Where in town might I purchase said album? Alternatively, any websites that anyone can recommend? Cheers :-)
  2. My festive soup is going to blow the arse off anyone who dares sample it. I'm calling it 'Rudolphs Ringpiece'... Except it won't be your nose that's red the day after!
  3. http://juicecomedy.co.uk/2012/12/30/how-to-go-to-the-pub/
  4. I remember this being a bastard to complete...
  5. "Get yer hands aff ma' fuckin' gnome min"
  6. Parents who get pissy when they can't take their kids into a pub.
  7. Skirlie can get to fuck. Sweetcorn can fucking do one. Mint sauce on lamb can suck my CHODE. Creamed rice is the devils arse.
  8. Nothing worse than brewers droop.
  9. http://seenive.com/v/1003317804344238080
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