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  1. Are you Joey Ramone? OK no you're not but can you pull off a decent impersonation? If so then we're looking for you. We're 3 guys (who are old enough to know better) looking to form a Ramones tribute act and we need a front man. We are all experienced local musicians with just the right mix of talent and barefaced audacity to pull this off. Want to know more? Get in touch
  2. Boss GT-100 COSM Amp Effects Processor V2.0 8 months old. Still under warranty. Boxed with original power supply. Light use only. 100% working order and in nearly new condition. £220.00
  3. Wee Lush stuff gone. Compressor still for sale.
  4. Bump. This is now on Ebay if anyone fancies a punt http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/231170405895
  5. Sold. Thanks to all who replied.
  6. I want Mastrick Tandoori to be so good cos it's so handy for me and even though it's shit I still go in sometimes hoping that 'this time it'll be better' and it never is. The toxic crud they sell leaves me with a chemical hangover. I bet they laugh their tits off at lazy gullible mugs like me. No more you crap curry house bastards. No more.
  7. I like mushrooms. I like olives. But put a tuna sandwich in front of me and I'll punch you in the face. It's foul stinking shit. Fuckin gadz.
  8. Add a reboot command to the system startup. Simple and effective.
  9. Prefer something around 50 - 60w but anything considered. Cosmetic condition is not important. Working condition is important. Nothing fancy its just for the odd jam and general dicking about with.
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