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  1. not bothered about make or anything just looking for a cheap drumkit. maybe a starter kit or something along that lines. anything considered!
  2. hey hows it going? i stay near fraserburgh and im looking to get a cover band on the go. would u be able to send me some mp3s of you playing? shaunmoaremo@hotmail.co.uk is my email
  3. need electronic drum kit for practising and maybe putting through a p.a. anything considered as long as its in good condition and works perfectly
  4. we usually practise in hatton. influences include trivium, avenged sevenfold, killswitch engage. looking for someone who takes songwritting seriously, but also likes to have a laugh tracks available upon request
  5. been playing drums for a few years now. been in and out of bands playing drums, bass and guitar but drums are my strongest instrument and my favourite to play. Played quite a few gigs before so ive had alot of experience playing live or rehearsing with other musicians. Looking for a band that takes making music seriously, would consider cover or original band, of mostly any genre. I can play a few different styles but mostly a rock drummer. I stay in Rosehearty but i have transport or i can bus it Mail me for any more info
  6. practise in maud/ stirchen area. all sorts of stuff covered message me for a setlist or anymore details
  7. oh min hes a really good drummer. i think you'll struggle finding a drummer as good as him dude. best of luck anyway
  8. craig nae playing with yous anymore?
  9. sometimes. was more for rachael. think shes ordered one online now tho
  10. not really my cup of tea guys. anymore bass guitars out there?
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