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  1. Always nice to see big @Josh_Magennis on the score sheet. Looking forward to him and @nmcginn10 tearing it up at the Euros. #AdoptedTeam
  2. These guys really are the best bunch of bastards. Been a real saving grace in one hell of a tough year. https://t.co/BmBRK8Y4sI
  3. Yup big fan of this woman. One of my favourite things of this year would be seeing @yumhoneyblood @BelladrumFest https://t.co/y5KvW2ZR7X
  4. RT @NorwichCityFC: TOP 10 IMAGES, 2015 | #1 - "Jumping for joy!" (vs @Official_ITFC, May 16.) https://t.co/onVxKJt56B
  5. End of the day sounds https://t.co/jxXpuhFHQw
  6. @dig_our_scene @bryanelrick @WingsScotland @TheGreatBaldy Good thing we're not Dundee United and not going to sell our season for a few quid
  7. @carhandle Yesterday he was certainly talking about the struggles of the local economy in relation to funding a new stadium.
  8. Got himself in a square go. Then apparently tried to go and make pals with the same dog again. https://t.co/Q0AriqbIWp
  9. The academy of footballing excellence / home of the finest Superman impression courtesy of @Jordanm72 https://t.co/mSYHNiPXEi
  10. Genuine lovely stuff https://t.co/FeRDy1rTfa
  11. RT @alexaitch: Blades of Glory #Aberdeen. https://t.co/iMO3sxf3xH
  12. Doing what he does best https://t.co/XGIv4nZTIk
  13. 10 years into playing bass in a band - it really shouldn't make me as nervous as it does to restring one of the fuckers.
  14. New FIFA game. Same old cunts quitting online games.

  15. RT @Independent: The Milifandom founder gave the Sun's head of PR a perfect lesson in irony http://t.co/rE8bjWRldo http://t.co/oaFe6OeFqO

  16. Diddy cup anyway...

  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but was Vito Mannone's last Sunderland appearance the 8-0 gubbing at Southampton? #Ouch #Sunderland

  18. Cause he has been excellent today #Goodwillie #COYR

  19. Is Quique Sanchez Flores now the most handsome manager in a post Michael Laudrup/AVB Barclays Premier League?

  20. Loving the #TalkIsJericho podcast with the New Day @IAmJericho Sound like really cool guys, richly deserving of their success

  21. There's more of that glue being passed around


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