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  1. That's Greame Shinnie signed a pre contract with the dons. Would be good to throw a cash offer to get him in now but suspect caley would rather get the second half of the season out of him over a token fee!! Great bit of business though. http://www.afc.co.uk/mobile/news/5611.php
  2. Hello all, This year my goal is to record some new material and rework some older material from previous bands. What site doe everyone think is best for uploading to? cheers Kev
  3. The goal against Caley and the first against Sellick he almost looks like a centre forward. Seriously though he scored a few important goals in that clip...
  4. I know there are a couple of Cambridge fans on here. Pulled out manure in the 4th round of the FA cup... Will you beat them?
  5. Cheers Jon. The paper rifles stuff sounds really good for just the internal mic!! I'll have to play around with GarageBand a bit more see if I can get some decent recording from it.
  6. Been reading back through this thread as I've just got a new laptop for recording with and thought I'd bump it to see what folks are using now. Have you changed your setup/ upgraded etc? My very basic setup is a tascam usb interface(which is borrowed) into reaper, an SM57, SM58 and an akg c3000.
  7. I like this thread. Some interesting selections and varied tastes but seriously WKD's!!! I'm hoping Santa brings a globe drinks cabinet for my man cave but not holding my breathe!! My drinks cupboard contains- Gin: Heather rose infused gin- picked up at the Belmont street market - surprisingly pleasant Hendricks Bombay sapphire Gordon's - for my mother in law, it's all she deserves! Whisky: Dalwhinnie 15y.o Talisker 10y.o limited run Glendronach revival 12y.o Highland park 10y.o A 1981 Highland park, bottled 2009(I think) part of my wedding present from my wife. Glenfiddich 12y.o - for my ungrateful family who don't deserve any of the other malts. Grouse Champagne: Bollenger NV Misc: Koko Kanu coconut rum Morgan's spiced Smirnoff Drambuie Some Stella and some crabbies ginger beer. Various flavours for the wife!
  8. Does your payslip not have it on somewhere or your p60? Providing of course you are not paid cash in hand from the takeaway!!
  9. I've always hated playing last and its for a few reasons. 1. Ridiculously early sound check. 2. More temptation to get pissed up to the point where your playing is shite. 3. Horribly late stage time usually. 4. Less time after to get pissed up (if you have resisted the temptation to do it in the 5 hours or so you've been hanging about since sound check finished. Give me first anyday. Rock up last, quick line check/ half a song to set levels. Play set. Hit bar!!! Don't fuck off straight afterwards bough that's bad form. Watch the other bands!!
  10. I agree with the Rodriguez strike. On top of the amazing technique to take the ball with back to goal, control it, spin, and flush the volley, there is awareness before the ball arrives to him to have a wee look over his shoulder for the options. You can see it in the replay from behind him at 21 seconds in. Blink and you'll miss it but its there... Goals always look better when they go in off the bar too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GESyL3MkgNU&index=1&list=PLCGIzmTE4d0j0nkpgKtNWlu-IYEDGti_i
  11. Cleaning?Hospitality? Hotels will be gearing up for Xmas and always need extra staff on an ad hoc basis. Or retail as mentioned above.
  12. This, or why not try and get some agency work for a bit? might not be glamorous but would give you some cash.
  13. As title says does anyone have one the above for sale? I need to put two instruments into 1 amp...
  14. I like this thread so I thought I would link this article I had emailed to me. Perhaps some interesting points in it for any job seekers... http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2014/10/21/6-hard-truths-every-job-seeker-should-know?utm_content=buffer63bab&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  15. KSJ81

    Bands Wanted

    I noticed a guy on gumtree looking for someone to record them do some solo stuff. Dunno if you're still looking for projects to record but I remembered about this thread when I seen it! http://www.gumtree.com/p/other-musicians-wanted/looking-to-record-/1086548614
  16. I'm after a cheap 1/2 or 3/4 size guitar if anyone has one. Cheers
  17. Who have you used for shipping instruments? Will be in a hard case and well packed. I'll need to insure it too I guess. Any advice and reccomendations appreciated.
  18. Hey guys, I've been offered one of the above and some cash in exchange for my Les Paul. I'm after a high end acoustic but have had my heart set on a martin. Does anyone have any experience with this level of taylor? I'd be interested to hear some opinions before I decide to head down to try it out... I know I wont really be sure until I try it but I have a, probably unjustified, dislike to taylor guitars for some reason. Any way any opinions etc would be appreciated Kev
  19. KSJ81

    Formula 1 Thread

    Just had a quick look at it. I find it very strange that there is a green flag being waved while the car is still being recovered. Surely it should still be yellow flags at all stations until well after the hazard?
  20. http://www.gumtree.com/p/other-dining-living-furniture/black-glass-coffee-table/1083317900 Very good condition. Will do a better price for you lovely ab music folks. PM me for more info kev.
  21. Mark Reynolds in the forthcoming Scotland squad. Stevie May and Ryan Gauld also... Good news for Mark as it looks like he has finally secured a regular squad place. Just need for Greer on Hanley to GTF so he can get a run out! EDIT: full squad Goalkeepers: Craig Gordon (Celtic), David Marshall (Cardiff City), Allan McGregor (Hull City) Defenders: Christophe Berra (Ipswich Town), Craig Forsyth (Derby County), Gordon Greer (Brighton and Hove Albion), Grant Hanley (Blackburn Rovers). Alan Hutton (Aston Villa), Russell Martin (Norwich City), Mark Reynolds (Aberdeen), Andrew Robertson (Hull City), Steven Whittaker (Norwich City) Midfielders: Ikechi Anya (Watford), Barry Bannan (Crystal Palace), Scott Brown (Celtic), Craig Bryson (Derby County), Chris Burke (Nottingham Forest), Graham Dorrans (West Bromwich Albion), Darren Fletcher (Manchester United), Ryan Gauld (Sporting Lisbon), Shaun Maloney (Wigan Athletic), James McArthur (Crystal Palace), James Morrison (West Bromwich Albion) Forwards: Steven Fletcher (Sunderland), Steven May (Sheffield Wednesday), Chris Martin (Derby County), Steven Naismith (Everton)
  22. Stevie, Do you know if the body is chambered and would take a P-90? I quite fancy a bluesboy 90 but a pick up change on that one may work. It is a nice looking guitar. Also I'll do you a deal on my deluxe if you want...
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