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  1. I play bass. Gimme a demo dude.
  2. Mr Phil thanks for answer. My email address is musicdraught@gmail.com

    Im looking forward to contact with you.

  3. YES! F*** YES!! Thats what Im loocking for! Could you find time see me in captain toms - whatever time suits you (but not today)? I dont like sending my music - preffer to show it live.
  4. Mr A


    I play bass. If you looking for challenge for bass and drum only you can find me here.
  5. Where are you play this w/end and what time? Maybe I come to listen.

  6. No problemo. Im waiting for your tunes.

  7. Some explanations: Yes - I play bass guitar. No - I don't like techno or drum 'n' bass music. Yes - It is a project for real drummer and bassist. You know - groove, fat riffs, playing with some loops, drum and bass solos etc. Maybe I should call it bass and drum project?
  8. I could show you live what I do. Could we meet on this Saturday or Sunday? At Captain Toms?

  9. musicdraught@gmail.com Please sent me some music you would like to play
  10. I am soloist more than team player , something like one person band with prerecorded or live recorded sound in background and improvization ( drum machine, loops ). Thumb or fingers, 5 string bass ( fretless bass too ). I never played in jazz band but love to try. Miles Davies-TUTU that kind of fusion jazz I love. I dont know many standards. Have experience on stage.

  11. Hi, Probably a bit of both, If the right players can be pulled together. What experience, Etc do you have?

    You can call me, to discuss, if you like?

    07760 118161.


  12. I can play bass around jazz. Is it cover project? Old fashion jazz or experimental fusion?
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