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    Updated goody sale list

    Wish i could just find all this stuff in my house lol
  2. i dont know what make this is as there is no branding anywhere atall on the neck or body... it is a stratocaster copy body is a very dark navy blue with a white scratch plate, three single couls ect, i dont have the tremolo arm. in not bad condition either. £70 ono... thanks
  3. They dont make them anymore, it comes with a gigbag, offers around £120 Pm me with offers if interested...
  4. This is a translucent dark green yamaha pacifica with a humbucker pick-up at the bridge and two single coils, really good condition, barely been played, new i paid £219.99. Either cash or trade for a squier stratocaster.
  5. SamBerry


    cool, that would be great man, cheers
  6. SamBerry

    Guitars For Sale

    Tempting but... im skint :L
  7. As i recently got a custom made warmoth neck from the states... I need a body to put it on for the time being until i can afford a custom built body to go with it... If anyone has any kind of stratocaster style guitar, nothing fancy, just something i can use to let me play this new neck! thanks, £££...